Memphis Hustling HAR­D!!!!
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Alrighty then let's see here, umm I go by the name Memphis On The Radio and I guess this is the part where I tell you how I got into radio. Well I was always that kid who talked all the time in class and disturbed all the other kids. One day my teacher told me that I talked so much that I better get a job paying me to do so and said I should be on radio or some kind of TV show. Now that being told to me I went down to the local radio station that day and said “Can I get a job?” They laughed at me. They were like this little 13 year-old trying to get a job! But I’m the kind of guy that if you tell me “no” to something I really, really, really want I will find a way…

Well fast forward got into college and landed an internship at that same station, did an amazing job there and wanting my own show I relocated to St. Louis and landed my first radio gig. So ten years and 6ix radio stations(three simulcasts) tv spots and now print(The Icon Magazine) I've done pretty well. So enjoy my page and give me a shot sometime. Thanks!!!!
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