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Atlanta, GA
My Name is MARCEIZE, pronounced (Markeyz). I was born in Denver, CO. Singing Started as an Escape..My mom was forced to give up her rights to me when i was three. My brothers raised me and my little sister up until we got into the System. My sister was adopted immediately. My brothers and I were tossed around in group & foster homes for about 5 years. At an Adoption party we met the Whitfield family. After a few visits to the Whitfield house we were adopted. That’s when we moved to Colorado Springs. Everything was better for a while, but strict rules & religion forced my two older brothers to leave the house by the time I was a freshman in High School. I had been quietly singing for a while, but I didn't get serious about it until I heard myself on a song i wrote called "We Gon' Ride”. It became a neighborhood Anthem! I was already pretty well known in my city, but this took it to a whole other level! I tried to stay focused on staying in the gym and keeping my grades up. At lunch in high school you could either catch me in the gym showing off my basketball skills, or in the music room showing off my vocal skills. After graduating high school I ended up in the Air Force. Two years Later, I was separated and out of the Air Force. I also started doing shows and making a name for myself as a Singer, Song Writer & Producer. On May 22nd of 2006 I was on my way to an after party after leaving a show in Tucson, AZ. A close friend and I had a confrontation which led to both us being shot. After a miraculous recovery I returned to Music with a new Purpose and a sense of Passion influenced by the example God’s love & power. Ever since then, I’ve been perfecting my craft and molding my image. I’ve been delineated as a sexy, talented, new-school R&B singer with an old-school feel. With the Looks, the Voice, and the Perfect mix of Passion & Swagg..I was born to make it! "With God on my side, I know that the sky is the limit". I’ve Got a Story To Tell..will you listen?
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September 12 1984
(37 years old)
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