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Warnings for Removing Scuba Fabric Paint

Acetone can deteriorate plastics, including acrylic, so it should never be used on acrylic fabric.

Always test chemicals on an unseen part of clothing before attempting to use it fully.

Wear rubber gloves to prevent burns or irritation.

Open doors and allow ventilation in the area to prevent the inhalation of chemicals.

How to Use Crayola Fabric Markers

Crayola makes a fabric marker that allows kids (and adults) to create their own designs on T-shirts, tote bags and other items.

Crayola fabric markers are easy to use and provide parents and teachers with an inexpensive craft idea for children of all ages.

Things You'll Need

Cotton or polyester fabric

Crayola fabric markers

Paper bags or paper


Knitting Stretchy Fabric Clothes dryer


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