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Back again for you entertainment fans...

So, last night, I broke down and actually paid to go to the movies. Normally, I'd just download it (legally, illegally, whatever) or jack my friend's netflix account. However, I've been craving the theater experience and decided to drag a friend along for the ride.

I'm a huge Clooney fan. He reminds me of my father (for some odd reason) and he never disappoints. Ever. When I saw the trailer for The Descendants and heard it was up for Best Picture and Best Actor, I knew I had to see it.

Let me just say, this is one of those rare films that honestly moved me and had me reeling for hours after leaving the theater. Yes, I cried. I cried like ten different times. It's not a particularly "sad" movie that's meant to make you cry. I guess I just connected with the story on such a personal level. (My friend acted like she didn't know me by the time the credits rolled). I don't blame her.

The story follows Clooney as Matt Singer, a Hawaiian native, whos trying to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident. As she lays in a coma, Singer must deal with his reckless children whilst dealing a major decision regarding property handed down to him. Hence, the "descendants" part. Basically, the property belonged to his great, great, great... great, great-father/mother and is one of the last "virgin" properties in Hawaii. He could sell it and make millions, turning the beautiful landscape to strip malls and parking lots, or keep it and decide later when the trust fund is up.

Anyway, the big twist in the film comes when Clooney discovers his dying wife has been hiding a terrible secret from him. As he realizes the truth behind their relationship, he goes on a journey of self-discovery and recuperation. 

This film is beautiful. Set in Hawaii, the waters are a luscious blue, the sand soft and delicate, and the land carved with mountains and beachfronts. You will be booking your flight to Hawaii by the end of the film. 

They say it's Clooney's best performance. I couldn't agree more. Go watch it. Tell me what you think.

More to come.


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