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Hey guys!

So, Avicii came to the UCF Arena last night to play a show. For those of you who don't know Avicii, he's a Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ. Most of you probably know him from his popular song, "Levels." Lyrics- "Ooohhh, sometimes... I get a good feelings, yeah." You know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I had to work that night (naturally), but my friends who are too cheap to buy tickets snuck into the show. Just so you know, the UCF arena is SO easy to sneak into. I snuck into a Katy Perry concert last summer. What a night that was. 

Of course, I got text messages saying how amazing the concert was. One in particular stating "Just played Levels. I died a little inside." Well, I died a little just knowing what an epic show I missed. I really need to stop working. It's ruining my social life.

Also, a quick update on the internship hunt in New York. I sat down with my advisor and found a ton of great places. Didn't realize New York had such a prominent television production community. They have NBC, ABC Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, The History Channel (for the nerds). Such a range to pick from. I'm gonna make some phone calls monday and begin applying. I'll keep you guys updated on me progress!

I posted a video of Avicii's "Levels" in case you want to check it out. You should.

More to come.


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