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Okay. So. There's this epic electronic festival every year in MIami called ULTRA. When I say "epic," I mean this --> &*%&^$^F*PYH@*E^. That's how incredible this thing is. It has the world's greatest DJ's right at your fingertips. But, as always, I CAN'T GO. Why? Because it costs $300+ and I'm poor. They also have a VIP package for $600+ if you want the perks (my opinion? totally worth it).

As of yesterday, this event completely sold out. Over 100,000 tickets sold. Like I said, EPIC. 

Their music lineups are released in phases as you wait for the glorious weekend to approach. So far, they released Phase One and it's sickk. Some of the headlining artists include:

-Tiesto -Skrillex -Afrojack -Justice -Avicii -David Guetta -Armin Van Buuren -Kaskade -Knife Party -Bassnectar

This is just the first phase! Part II will be released shortly. Everyone I know is on pins and needles. I have a group of friends who are reserving a hotel for the weekend and staying for the whole event. (I hate them). Once the photos/videos start rolling in on their facebooks, it might be time to unfriend them. 

For those of you who want to look more into this, check out the link below. Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy a ticket unless you hit up ebay or find a scalper the day of the event. Either way, good luck to you! Also, I posted the teaser trailer on my profile. Check it out!

More to come!


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