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For those of you who've heard of Tumblr, then you're already know. It's addictive. Insanely addictive. Tumblr is a blogging site where you can share pictures, videos, quotes, etc. You can put your life on there basically Mostly, though, it's used for pictures. People blog and re-blog pictures that are colorful, inspiring, funny. Pretty much any picture you can search on google, it's on Tumblr somewhere.

Why is Tumblr so addicting? I have NO idea, but that doesn't stop me from spending hours on end scrolling. I get ideas for recipes... creative ways to decorate my room... and fashion tips from the pros. Not to mention, you can learn what's happening in society and about current events in politics. If that's interesting to you. Blah.

This site is quickly rearing it's end and giving Facebook a run for its money. I'm not saying it will ever beat Facebook. I mean, come on. NO ONE will ever beat it. However, Tumblr has made the concept of blogging much more popular. People are familiarizing themselves with this new form of social media. Pretty soon, there's sure to be a blogging feature on Facebook. In fact, I can't believe there isn't one on there yet!

So, for those of you who aren't part of the crowd, join in! It will destroy your social life, but hey, who needs that?!

More to come.



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