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 In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, my friends and I decided to celebrate the African American race. We keyed into a few of the cliches surrounding this topic and made a night of it!

On the menu for dinner- fried chicken, cornbread, and kool-aid with watermelon slices for dessert. Along with this delicious dinner we decided to watch "The Help." I've been wanting to see this for a while and finally I got the chance!

I really enjoyed it! Emma Stone was a treat to watch as Skeeter, an aspiring journalist who captures the lives of the housekeeping ladies in her hometown. Set in Jackson, Mississippi, this tale reveals the cruel and racist treatment of "the help" of the rich, white families. At times, heartwrenching and others, light-hearted, this is surely a film to watch. It will open your mind to a time where black and white people were not treated equally; where they were forced to use different bathrooms, treated like dogs, and paid next to nothing.

The cast for this film could not have better chosen. Octavia Spencer as "Minny" is absolutely hysterical and plays well alongside Viola Davis as "Aibileen." Emma Stone's "Skeeter"  as a career-driven women determined to make her journalist dreams a reality is inspiring and driven. 

Overall, a great film. Informative, entertaining, revealing. The Help should be pushed to the top of your queue. Go get it tonight. Watch it with your family and be thankful that times have changed thanks to one man who had a dream.

Happy MLK Jr. Day. More to come.


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