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Ahoy mateys! (I said it).

I'm here to tell you guys about a little thing called "Holy Ship." No, it's not some weird religious cult where they hoist you to the plank and force you to read bible passages. You thought that too, huh?

NO! It's an electronic festival sailing across the seas. First stop? The Bahamas. Next up? A private island... where some forceful bible reading may occur. (Kidding)

Anyway, I'm telling you about this mainly as a tease because it ended last week. I want you guys to feel my pain since I didn't find out either til now. I can't express my anger in words, but it went something like this... q9p r93pqyPOAY*Xp9wyr2l. 

The lineup this years included the following:



-Steve Aoki


-Boys Noize

-and many more...

It ran from Jan. 6-9 and sounds like a magical event. I'm sure it was for half the crew who were probably on drugs... but for those sober few, it must've been incredible. The only issue is it's hella expensive. Like $700+ for four days. Personally, I think it's worth it. How often do you get latched onto a cruise ship with your favorite artists for four days... then get to go to a private island and chill with them? Almost never. SO worth the cash if you ask me.

If you want to hit up Holy Ship next year, check out their site. It's pretty sick.

More to come, my friends.


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