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 It's that time of year once again... the season of red roses, heart-shaped candies, and those unnecessarily large teddy bears. Once we get closer to the holiday, I'll be sure to check out some sappy romance films and cheesy love songs to blog about. Ok, let's be honest, I LOVE romance films. I defend them like no other genre. I'm not a total Valentine hater, I promise.

Anyway, as part of my weekly intern assignment list, I have some love songs to throw your way. There's a singer/songwriting named Tierney Allen who has written a plethora of love songs and has a lot of experience as a performer, particularly in romantic settings such as weddings. As the Valentine's season approaches, I would definitley reccommend taking a listen to some of her music. It is sweet, romantic, and gets you in the mood for the romantic weeks ahead! Also a great suggestion for wedding music if you're planning this special event. I can suggest a few songs if you're interested.

I posted the links below to her music on iTunes. If you want to check out more music, drop a comment and I'll post some more suggestions! Let me know what you guys think.

More to come.


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