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With the DVD selection my friend brought over for our sleepover, I had two choices in front of me- The Hangover Part II and Horrible Bosses. I saw Horrible Bosses in theaters a while back. From what I remember, it was pretty funny. I love Charlie Day on Sunny in Philadelphia and he's wonderful. His high-pitched voice cracks me up everytime. Jennifer Aniston as that risque dentist was hysterical and so different from her usual characters. Overall, it was a decent comedy. I'll eventually watch it again to refresh my memory. Tonight, however, I decided on The Hangover Part II.

Was Part II necessary? Probably not. Was it good? It was better than expected, that's for sure. Basically, it was the original Hangover set in Thailand. A lot of similar shenanigans occurred in similar order, but the jokes were still amazing. I could have done without the nudity, but I guess the filmmakers thought it was crucial. One thing I noticed was there was a lot more action in this one. The chase scenes were shot really well in spite of the less than classy subject matter. I have to say, the critics may have been a bit too harsh on this one. You should check it out and let me know if you agree.

More to come.


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