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 So, the semester has officially begun! And so far, I love it.

I'm taking a film class entitled "American Film Artist" that soley focused on the works of Steven Spielberg. It's incredible. 

Last night, we watched one of his earlier films, "Duel." I don't reccommend it, and for good reason. Sure, there' value is looking back to a director's earlier films. I noticed the beginning of some of his trademarks "Spielberg-isms." For example, he used the rearview mirror shot quite often where you see a character's eyes through the mirror. The editing was cutting edge for it's time and visually, he shots were set up well.

The downfall? The script was terrible. The entire film was about a creepy gasoline truck stalking a man who merely passed him on the road. From then on, this truck made every effort to wreck his life and including trying to end it. Though at first, the idea seems intriguing, it quickly becomes dull and boring. There's a point at which I silently prayed the truck would steemroll the poor helpless guy just so the movie would end!!

Anyway, if for some reason this all sounds interesting to you, then by all means check it out. I'll update you with the progression of Spiellberg's career as the semester continues...

More to come.


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