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Hey guys,

So, I came across this article from Northeastern University Alumni Magazine earlier today. It all about the magic that happens behind the stage at a concert. More specifically, we're talking about Kevin Antunes. He's the guy hiding behind the scenes and making the magic happen.

The article focuses on one artist in particular who Antunes has worked with since the beginning in 1998. When sexy was gone, he was the one to bring it back- the one and only Justin Timberlake. 

Working with Timberlake, Antunes' job was anything but easy. He lists off some of his responsibilties in the article, "I write a lot of the arrangements, coordinate with the show's producers on a million things, make a lot of sound files and keyboard samples- plus, I play keyboards in the band." Whew! That's quite a job.

Though Antunes never had any musical training himself, he comes from a musical family. With relatives playing everything from the drums to the saxophone, I think we all knew where he was headed. With this notable background combined with a music education at Northeastern University, Antunes became what he is today- an entertainment expert.

After landing a job at Atlantic Records, Antunes was signed on to an up-and-coming boy band that features the superstar we've been talking about all along... What band am I referring to? If you haven't put two and two together by now, I might as well give it away. It was a little band called NSYNC. After that, it's history.

Copy the link below to access the exclusive article on Kevin Antunes. I'll keep you guys updated on his exciting endeavors and past success stories. Leave a comment if you want to discuss anything you've read here.

More to come!  


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