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 Let's back up to a week ago when I ranted about how horrifying the year 2011 was for the film industry. Well... I watched a few more from this glorious year and...? Well, I still agree, but not quite as harshly.

So, as promised, I watched Drive and it was really great. I mean, extremely well done. Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver who, on the side, uses his expert skills as a getaway driver for local heists. Bryan Cranston plays his boss and mentor in the world of stunt driving and does a damn good job. You can definitely tell he's taking a bit of Walter White (Breaking Bad) and putting him into this character. The beautiful Carey Mulligan also co-stars as the love interest of Gosling, though married to a prison inmate about to be released. 

Honestly, this film is shot so well. The cinematography is compelling and exciting throughout. The fight scenes and violence looks realistic and makes you cringe. This is a good thing, by the way. I'm not talking "it's so poorly executed and fake-looking you want to cringe." I'm talking "holy hell, did he really just get rammed in the eye with a fork then shot in the chest?! Ugh... *cringes* that's insane." Yeah, it's awesome.

In addition to all this excitement, the editing adds so much more. It is is sharp and cut so well. Each violent act is cut into a masterpiece of brutal imagery. One scene in particular, I won't give anything away, but Gosling does some extreme bodily damage and the editing is literally *perfect.* Cringe-worthy, for sure. This all makes me want to sharpen my editing skills and learn more. So much goes into one film, one scene, one moment.

Drive is know for it's unique soundtrack. It is chock full of crisp techno music that somehow works perfectly for this film. It adds character and creates this unique tone throughout. It's genius.

Anyway, check out Drive or at least watch the trailer and it will speak for itself. It's posted on my profile. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about the film. Loved it, hated it, whatever. I want to hear what you think.

In the mean time, I'll check out more from the 2011 library and begin making my way into 2012.

More to come...


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