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This elite blog focuses on iShowcase's very first entertainment expert who like what the company was all about, and agreed to come on board. Kevin Antunes. He deserves to have some light shed on his outstanding career and the projects he's currently working on.  Truthfully,Kevin Antues is on fire and at the top of his game.

First off, I want to discuss one his larger projects that's out right now, Michael Jackson's "The Immortal." Antunes produced this remix album of Michael's hits which is now being featured in a little show called "Cirque du Soliel. Ever heard of it? If you haven't seen the *spectacular* trailer for this show, then go to my videos and check it out. It will hook you, I swear.

This show features not only MJ's greatest hits remixed in a unique and surprising way, but also includes all those outrageous costumes from his music videos over the years. From just the previews, you can tell that not one detail was spared in the production of this show. Antunes, as musical director, really took this show to the next level. The soundtrack is a work of creative genius. I researched the show a bit more and found some really great blogs and reviews... 

One writer praised the show by describing the soundtrack as a "seamless medley of hits." Each song flows seamlessly into the next as if Michael had produced this himself. This writer also claimed it "captures the essence, soul, and inspiration of the King of Pop, celebrating a legacy that continues to transcend generations." Here's a link to this article if you want to read on...


In short, check out this show if you can afford it. If not, at least take a peek at the trailer and see what you're missing. Antunes harbors a creative mind unlike any other. His accomplishments have progressed throughout the years as he has worked with top artists in the industry. I'll discuss more exciting news on Antunes' past work and what's up next for him. More to come!




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