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 Hello fellow bloggers!

It's 2012, do you know what that means...? A bright new year in the entertainment world. 2011 was somewhat disappointing, at least in terms of film. I saw quite a few disappointments and none that made it to my top 10 favorites. Most recently, I watched (after raving reviews from my own brother) "Our Idiot Brother." This film was wildly disappointing. I wasn't impressed from the trailer, but I figured my brother has decent taste, so why not? Never again.

Paul Rudd plays the idiot brother as the film opens with him selling pot to a police officer. Brilliant. He then manages to screw up the lives of each of his sisters played by (my favorite!) Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks (who for some reason I can't stand) and finally, Emily Mortimer (who I have no opinion of yet). Sure, there's a transformation of character and the unconditional love he has for his labrador, Willie Nelson, is quite sweet. But, I didn't laugh once and this is supposed to be a comedy, right? The jokes just didn't hit hard enough and there was one too many hippies for my taste. If you think differently, then drop a comment and we can duke it out. Always up for a healthy debate.

There was another little film that came out in September, "50/50," written by Seth Rogen. I was SO excited for this to come out. I am partially in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and couldn't wait for this. Levitt plays a character who has just discovered he has back cancer. First off,  I liked that this type of cancer hasn't really been touched on yet. This was the one point in which they strayed from the cliche. However, I just couldn't get into the story. I thought it would be more interesting if they focused on him going through the five stages of acceptance like they did in the trailer. Maybe have on-screen text displaying each stage as he went through it. I don't know, something creative. Instead it just fell flat and was incredibly boring.

Don't get me wrong Levitt did an excellent job and Seth Rogen played a great goofy sidekick. I enjoyed them together, but I couldn't stand Anna Kendrick, who played his therapist, new on the job. Normally, I find her sweet and adorable, but she was just awkward and uncomfortable throughout the entire film. This was unfortunate because I was really looking forward to seeing her play this role. Anyway, 50/50 overall was a mediocre film that could have been greatly improved with a little creativity.

I realize these reviews sound harsh, but come on. Just a year before we had "The Social Network" and "The Fighter." Those films were both genius. I'm sure 2011 has some gems here and there, but honestly, it wasn't the best year in entertainment history.

I'll touch on some better films as I check out more from the 2011 docket. Up next... I'm gonna check out "Drive" which I have also been dying to watch and heard the soundtrack was intense. Hopefully, this won't be a disappointment like all the others. I'll let you know in the next entry!

More to come.


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