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Over the past month, my best friend Christine and I decided to become hipsters. That's right, hipsters. 

A hipster can be defined as any individual going against the mainstream, has an apt appreciation for indie music, and looks down on those who follow the crowd. I pretty much hate everything they stand for, BUT they wear some pretty interesting clothes. 

This is coming from the girl who used to loath anyone with an ironic t-shirt or those thick-framed glasses they wear despite 20/20 vision. And guess what? I now own a pair. I don't know whether to hate myself right now or be proud.

Though I haven't quite become a full-on hipster... where I look grungy and homeless. In order to NOT look homeless, I combine the vintage, thrifty pieces with the modern. I attempt to look put together. That's the difference.

How do I do it? First off, I go thrift shopping. Anywhere local- Goodwill is a good option. I've found some really great pieces like a braided belt for $0.95 and an old blazer for $5. What?!? Apparently the transformation to hipster-town can be done on the cheap.

This unique brand of people tend to look like they put zero effort into what they're wearing. Who do they think they're fooling? They wear the most try-hard outfits I've seen in my life. This doesn't stop me from becoming one of those try-hards myself though. I love the layers of knee-high socks over brightly colored tights... the long cardigans draped over vintage dresses with beat up Oxfords... the ragged plaid button downs with skinny jeans and army boots. *Sigh* I'm falling in love with this style...

Some typical hipster-esque stores to check out if you're interested... Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, American Apparel, Cotton-On, Free People, and any thrift shop you can find. 

As long as you don't "try too hard," combine the old with the new in a unique/outrageous way, and slap on a pair of thick-framed glasses, you're good to go. 

Good luck and send me pics of your outfits for inspiration!

More to come.


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