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Holiday break at UCF is four weeks of glorious time off. I've spent a majority of my time working, interning, and visiting family. In my free time, I do what any sane human being does- watch that glowing, mystical box we call a TV.

Over break, I've discovered some new shows that are surprisingly well written and fun to watch. I can be picky when it comes to comedy. My favorites right now are Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, and of course, The Office. I like well-written, dry humor. I think it hits way harder than physical comedy or raunchy humor.

There's a show that just started this season on Fox, called New Girl. It stars Zooey Deschanel as the 'new girl' moving in with three guys she met after breaking up with her boyfriend. Personally, I LOVE Zooey. She's in my all-time favorite film, 500 Days of Summer and I secretly harbor thoughts that i look like her. Psh. I wish. 

Anyway, this show is adorable. She plays this nerdy, outrageous character, Jess, who can't seem to find a decent guy. (I'll feel ya, Zo). Her roommates- Nick, Schmidt, and Winston are hysterical. They play alongside her well and each has a distinct personality. Schmidt- as the rich, handsome one who will physically harm you if you touch his hair conditioner. Nick- as the middle class slacker who lost the love of his life and harbors a secret crush on Jess. And finally, Winston- as the token black roommate who can't find a job to save his life and can play the bells like a champ.

What makes this show so great is it's charm and loveable characters. The acting is well done and the jokes hit (almost) every time. I definitely recommend checking this one out. If it's not your taste, then try this one on for size...

Happy Endings is an ABC comedy that I discovered by accident one night. Flipping through the channels, about to pass out, I landed on this little treasure. A cast of 6 friends, that is set up (now that I think about it) much like Friends. Their lives intertwine through friendship, family relation, and marriage. 

I'm telling you, this show is hilarious. Max, the gay slacker of the group reminds me of a young Will Ferrell. He has this mush-mouth voice that makes you giggle everytime. The series opens with Alex, played by Elisha Cutherbert, walking out on her husband-to-be, Dave, at their wedding when an ex-bf bursts into the ceremony on roller blades and ruins everything. How amazing is that?

What I love about this is show is that every episode opens right during the action. It doesn't hold you by the hand and walk you into the storyline. It slaps you in the face with whatever bizarre story they want to throw at you next. It's sharp, witty, and worth your time. Please go on hulu or and watch it from the start. 

So those are a few of my discoveries over break. I'll share more with you as I find 'em! Enjoy these in the mean time.

More to come.


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