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For those of you out there looking to intern and get some real world experience, DO IT.

I already have two internships under my belt and both have been great experiences thus far. I'm even considering traveling to New York over Summer 2012 and interning up there. More on that later.

First things first, research, research, research. Don't just blindly pick a company and apply. Find a place that suits your interests and what you ultimately want to pursue as a career. An internship can lead to a full time position and you don't want to waste your time on a company that you have no interest in. In an industry where 'who you know' is everything, your contacts are your most precious asset. 

This past summer, I spent three months working for a reality TV company, Pink Sneakers Productions. I learned A LOT about the industry through this experience. My first assignment? Starbucks run for the whole office. This may sound easy, but it's more complicated than you'd think. I had to do coffee and lunch runs every day which could be stressful, but I learned to handle it. If you want to succeed as an intern, you need to be able to work well under stress. I learned that better than anyone through Pink Sneakers.

You'll learn useful skills that will greatly benefit you. I created & sent out casting calls, logged tapes, transcribed interviews, learned some editing, and even got to be on set. There's a show coming out on MTV and I was a PA for their pilot. I made friends with the cast and crew and learned what I could from them. Another helpful tip: try to make friends with as many people as possible. The more contacts, the better.

I need to be honest here. Being an intern is anything but easy. For example, I would be yelled at one minute for labeling something incorrectly, then praised the next for doing something right. It can be an emotional roller coaster at times, but that's just the thing- don't take anything personally. You are there to learn and of course you'll make mistakes. It's only natural.

I now intern for Scott Messina of Messina Productions. Yes, the one running this very site. This blog is actually all part of the job, though I think of it more as a hobby than a task. In fact, this has gotten me into a blogging addiction that I'll deal with later in therapy. Kidding.

I've been interning for him for about a month and I've already learned a lot. I now know how to rip dvds, bound books, start a blog, and so much more. I've even tuned my networking skills after attending his Christmas party and exchanging words with a few of his business friends. Network, network, network. I can't stress how important this is! 

Ok, I think I'm done rambling. I hope I've been able to pass on some of what I've learned. I'll update you with more in the near future. Let's be honest, probably tomorrow. Like I said, addicted.


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