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Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!

I'll take this time to go over a few of my favorite (aka the best) Christmas movies out there...

Without a doubt, my #1 Christmas favorite has to be "It's a Wonderful Life." There's something about that old tale of a man's journey through life... stuck in a town he can never escape... giving up on his hopes and dreams... losing complete faith in life. Gets me every time. Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are the are a joy to watch in this 1940's Classic that makes one believe in the power of Christmas once again. It's not nearly as dark as it sounds. In fact, it's quite uplifting. I mean, if you don't shed a few tears at the end, then you're just heartless.

And who can resist Jimmy Stewart's mush-mouth voice? It's classic! 

Up next... who can forget that old favorite where we all harbor the same fear- "You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!" A Christmas Story is the one holiday favorite that I have NEVER seen from beginning to end. It plays every year on TBS during the special, '24 Hours of A Christmas Story.' Oh sure, I see the same scenes of the father opening that "fra-jee-lay' box and the poor sucker getting his tongue stuck on the flagpole, but I couldn't tell you what the actual story is all about. Is it a kid longing for a bebe gun, is it the dangers of the triple dog dare? I'll sure as hell never know. In a way, I like that I've never seen it straight through. More interesting that way.

And finally... (drum roll) A Charlie Brown Christmas! This may be a rampant cliche, but I watch it every year and will never grow tired of Charlie Brown's hopeless affairs. The soundtrack for this animated work of art is done by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. I keep it on my iPod all year and bust it out whenever I randomly feel in the Christmas spirit, which is ALL THE TIME. And who doesn't tear up during Linus' heartfelt speech about the true meaning of Christmas? You know, they even sell a replica of that disappointing tree that Charlie brings to the Christmas play? People pay for that. RIP Charles Schultz. You were a genius.

Anyway, it's comforting that even today with our tech savvy nation and ever-changing trends, that we still rely on the classics of generations past to renew our Christmas spirit. The radios still play the old favorites of Burl Ives and Bing Crosby. We cook up the same recipes of our great-grandmothers. It's the one time of year where our traditions mean everything and the modern world can be tucked away for just a bit.

So, take down my list of favorites and watch them! Yes, all of them! They are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit, even you Scrooges out there. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! 

More to come.


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