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Ok, check it.

Skrillex has a NEW EP that just dropped today. Did not even realize he was releasing. How excited am I right now (as it currently downloads "legally" on my macbook)?! Um... this excited --> G^&%@EOT&*P@*&(*#_{_I{WK) 

That says it all. 

Skrillex has become more and more of a "mainstream" dubstep artist. Well, as mainstream as you can get in this primarily underground genre. What is dubstep, you might ask? It's a form of electronic music, such as House or Trance, with a lot of heavy bass & drums, some vocals here and there, and clipped samples. All you need to know? It's awesome. Right now, you might here it in some of your favorite Top 40 (God awful) hits on the radio. It's slowly seeping its way into popularity and taking the world by storm! It originated in London and is becoming more and more popular in America. 

I started getting into it this past summer and frequented Riot Wednesdays at Knight Library where they have electro night. It's basically a night of heavy drinking, incredible music, and glowsticks/gloving shows. I posted a gloving video if you want to learn more. Personally, I would LOVE to learn how to glove. It takes a lot of skill developed over time by watching the pros and adapting their technique.

Back to the EP, it's called "Bangarang." I have no clue what that means. But, it flows together nicely and features some great talent including Sirah, 12th Planet, and Kill The Noise. Listening to it as I type and getting more and more pumped! Please go find it and take a listen. You won't be disappointed.

If you want to check out some other talented dubstep artists, you might want to look up Knife Party, Flux Pavilion, Rusko, DJ Fresh, etc.

Let me know if anyone's interested, I can post more related videos for your viewing entertainment ;)


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