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Back again for Entry Numba 2-

Veering off the path of film for a bit, but sticking with entertainment --> I just downloaded the new Black Keys album, "El Camino." They're a two-man indie band with a bluesy sound and rich lyrics. They just won THREE Grammy's for their album, Brothers, which is how I first discovered them. I heard their single, "Tighten Up" and fell in love with their unique sound. I'll post the music video for it, it's quite adorable. 

I bring them up because I caught their interview and performance on The Colbert Report this morning. The guys are a bit awkward and are clearly hipsters, but once you get them onstage, it's like magic. I reccommend you download some of their stuff immediately. 

For those of you who grew up in the 90's, I got to see the tail end of "Snow Day" this morning. You know, the Nickelodeon movie with that feisty little girl going toe-to-toe with the creepy snow plow guy? Classic. I promise to start commenting on more legitimate films once I get around to them. For now though, who can resist the children's classics of the 90's? No one.

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