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Have you seen the #1 movie in America yet? No? Then just stop what you're doing and go. Now.

I don't usually pay the $10+ dollar fee for movie tickets unless it's a film I KNOW I'm going to enjoy. Last movie I saw in theaters was The Descendants and it was worth every penny. Clooney gave an incredible performance and I admit I cried, a lot. 

21 Jump Street looks disappointing based on the trailer. It reminded me of 30 Minutes or Less which I thought was gonna be decent, but it just fell flat. Very flat. So, naturally, I have lost some faith in modern comedies. My friends all encouraged me that it was hilarious and wouldn't disappoint. I didn't trust them at first. But I'm glad I did. 

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are a surprising couple, but they are a perfect match. I watched an interview with them prior to the screening and apparently they are now best friends in real life. How adorable. They were glowing with the blossoming of their new friendship. 

So, I saw it and I loved it. Simple as that. It was hilarious, had a fantastic cast, and had a billion quotable moments that I'll be obnxiously sharing with my friends for the next few weeks. Anyway, the point is, just spend a little money on this one. You won't be disappointed, I can guarantee it.

More to come...


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