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The Academy Awards was last week! As a film student, I always get excited for this special event and look forward to the results (and Billy Crystal). He was a great host, much better than Ricky Gervais. I was getting sick of him.

Anyway, if you watched, then you know "The Artist" and "Hugo" pretty much won everything. Why? Did they deserve it? The answer is: NO. 

There were much better films over the past year that deserved Oscar wins. The Descendants was an incredible film that deserved more than just "Best Adapted Screenplay." It was up for Best Picture and frankly, it should have won.

I recently discovered why "The Artist" won the most prestigious award categories. The board for The Oscars is composed of 90% white males over the age of 60. NINETY PERCENT. This is outrageous. The Academy Awards are basically run by the guys who ran to their local nickelodeons back in the day to catch the new talkie film. "The Artist" won a majority of the awards because it is essentially a modern silent film. These old folks are brought back to their childhoods and reminiscing on the 'better times' of the 1920's. They need to get back to reality and realize that the modern age has brought about many game-changing elements (sound, for example).

I'm not saying The Artist wasn't a good film, but it definitely didn't deserve Best Picture. When you consider who's choosing these films, you can see why I was extremely disappointed. We need to reconsider who is chosen for the board of The Academy Awards and increase the diversity, especially among age. Maybe next year, the good films will get some recognition...

More to come.


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