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 Hello readers!

I started this entertainment blog last December and realized that though I've talked about movies, TV shows, and the industry itself, I haven't once mentioned a lucrative/significant part of this business- BOOKS!

Yes, some people find reading to be a form of entertainment. It's scary, I know. Personally, I'm not big into reading. I used to when I was younger, I read all the Twilight Books (I'm depressed to admit this), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series (which I still maintain was heartwarming), and many teen trash novels that I can't remember the titles of.

However, I have read books of some worth once I grew up a little. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorites. She writes (really long) novels about family issues, love, and crime. Each of her books contains some sort of trial and tragedy. Though I may not make it sound exciting, she is truly an exciting writer. Each story has some sort of epic twist that gives you goosebumps and grip the pages with anticpation. Out of her wide library of writings, I would recommend My Sister's Keeper which was made into a movie a few years back. I haven't seen it. Too depressing. But the book is just outstanding and made me fall in love with her.

My FAVORITE writer of all time is one by the name of David Sedaris. He has written about 10 or so books, mostly essays on the insane stories of his life. They are absolutely hysterical. I have cried from laughing while reading his books. He's gay and frequently rants about his annoying partner "Hugh" who complements him well in the stories. He has an alcoholic mother who is basically on a mission to ruin her children's live (so funny). I sometimes wonder if he embellishes his stories or if they're all true. 

Anyway, just go find one of his books and enjoy. I recommend "Dress Your Family in Courduroy and Denim." His best one, by far. 

So, go out there and read! Discover the world out there and learn something already.

More to come.


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