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In my Spielberg class this week, we watched one of my favorites- E.T. If you haven't seen it, you're dumb. Read my short analysis (it's an easy read, not boring. I promise). Get a little incite into this film and then go watch & enjoy! 

A fatherless young boy, a creepy alien lost from home, and government officials trying to ruin everything. Yep, it's a Spielberg film and it's one of my favorites. I enjoyed it as child because it told the story from the perspective of a child. In a way, the adults are the enemy, trying to infringe on a young boy’s odd relationship with an alien. It appears this is the first time Spielberg has made a film focused solely on a younger cast, yet he employs his signature tactics to make it his own.

Normally, he shows the troubled relationship between a father and son, arming the father with admirable qualities or at least an understanding of why he’s a “bad father.” For example, in Jaws, Chief Brody was ditching his family in order to save them. Makes sense. However, in E.T., the father is left out altogether with the mere explanation “He’s in Mexico with Sally.” (Who's Sally? She sounds like a bitch). You notice the effect on Elliott as he lashes out and tries to find friendship in an alien instead. In a way, E.T. could be considered the father figure Elliott never had. He teaches him how to feel, how to never give up, and most importantly, how to play hooky. Spielberg takes a simple story and turns it into a heartwarming film that has lasted (and will last) for generations. Out of all the films we have watched, this one is surely my favorite.

P.S. The title is a really funny quote from the movie.

More to come.


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