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For you club-goers, bar hoppers, and general partiers, I've discovered the best new thing in Orlando- Ignition. What is Ignition, you may ask and why do I care? It's an event held at Firestone in Downtown Orlando every Thursday. They have legit DJ's, most recently Diplo and another who opened for Skrillex on the Mothership Tour. 

Ignition is great because: it's only $10 to get in. They have Go-Go dancers. Fire breathers. Glovers. Separate rooms for Trance, House, & Dubstep. The upper floor has a huge bar where you can overlook the party downstairs. They have an incredible VIP section (it's a little extra, but worth it). 

Honestly, I haven't been out to a club in months and frankly, I've outgrown Riot. (The lesser equivalent at Knight Library, near UCF). Let me just say this- I will NEVER go to Riot again after Ignition. That's how incredible it was. It felt like a scene in a movie. I've never been to such an incredible venue that was both cheap & local.

Here's a link to their facebook page if you want to learn more. I'm friends with some of the promoters if you want to get on the list! See you guys next Thursday ;)

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