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With the DVD selection my friend brought over for our sleepover, I had two choices in front of me- The Hangover Part II and Horrible Bosses. I saw Horrible Bosses in theaters a while back. From what I remember, it was pretty funny. I love Charlie Day on Sunny in Philadelphia and he's wonderful. His high-pitched voice cracks me up everytime. Jennifer Aniston as that risque dentist was hysterical and so different from her usual characters. Overall, it was a decent comedy. I'll eventually watch it again to refresh my memory. Tonight, however, I decided on The Hangover Part II.

Was Part II necessary? Probably not. Was it good? It was better than expected, that's for sure. Basically, it was the original Hangover set in Thailand. A lot of similar shenanigans occurred in similar order, but the jokes were still amazing. I could have done without the nudity, but I guess the filmmakers thought it was crucial. One thing I noticed was there was a lot more action in this one. The chase scenes were shot really well in spite of the less than classy subject matter. I have to say, the critics may have been a bit too harsh on this one. You should check it out and let me know if you agree.

More to come.


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Some love him, some hate him. Personally, I think he's frickin' hysterical. His name is Nick Swardson.

I woke up this morning, still half-dazed, and turned on the TV to see Swardson's stand-up show, "Seriously, Who Farted?" Classy title.

I've seen several of his stand-up shows, his MANY film appearances, and I just love him. He was great as the obsessive fan in "Blades of Glory" and that weird sheltered guy in "Benchwarmers." For some reason, he always seems to tickle your funny bone. 

I even had the privilege to see him live when he came to UCF last spring. His set was great; he told some jokes from previous shows, but the new material was priceless. I love the bit about him getting a pet cheetah and just not telling anyone. Having company over would be a blast. I want to do this!

Anyway, you should check out his stand-up and let me know what you think! I've heard comments about him being too crude or just not funny. Lies! Lies, I tell you! I think my judgment is pretty good and if you do too, then go look him up.

That's it for now. More to come.



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 So, the semester has officially begun! And so far, I love it.

I'm taking a film class entitled "American Film Artist" that soley focused on the works of Steven Spielberg. It's incredible. 

Last night, we watched one of his earlier films, "Duel." I don't reccommend it, and for good reason. Sure, there' value is looking back to a director's earlier films. I noticed the beginning of some of his trademarks "Spielberg-isms." For example, he used the rearview mirror shot quite often where you see a character's eyes through the mirror. The editing was cutting edge for it's time and visually, he shots were set up well.

The downfall? The script was terrible. The entire film was about a creepy gasoline truck stalking a man who merely passed him on the road. From then on, this truck made every effort to wreck his life and including trying to end it. Though at first, the idea seems intriguing, it quickly becomes dull and boring. There's a point at which I silently prayed the truck would steemroll the poor helpless guy just so the movie would end!!

Anyway, if for some reason this all sounds interesting to you, then by all means check it out. I'll update you with the progression of Spiellberg's career as the semester continues...

More to come.


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That's right, folks. It's the last day of holiday break. The last day we get to sleep til noon (check), eat lunch in bed (check), and surf the internet for hours on end (check). No, tomorrow marks the day of the endless semester. Each hour crammed with stress, homework, and reheated leftovers. No more time for cooking, socializing, or sleep. It's a sad, sad day.

But before we say good-bye, let's take a quick look back at the great moments of Holiday Break '11. Some great films came out to finish off (and make up for) a rather lackluster year. I got to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which, I must reiterate, was incredible. Fincher did a great job with this remake based on the book by Stieg Larsson. Mara Rooney will surely have some Oscar-buzz soon enough. 

I discovered some great shows that came out this past year, including New Girl feat. the lovely Zooey Deschanel and Happy Endings feat. a slew of hysterical comics, some from SNL. I also got to rewatch some old favorites including Arrested Development (check this one out!) and Parks and Recreation which is still a favorite of mine. This show continues to grow and improve as the seasons progress.

There were, naturally, some disappointments that came along the way. Our Idiot Brother was... well, idiotic. There were a few chuckle-worthy moments, but that's about it. Sad. I recently saw 30 Minutes or Less which was an extreme letdown. They crammed as many curse words as humanly possible into this film. Why? I've been asking myself that since the credits rolled. I normally find Jesse Eisenberg to be sweet and adorable in that puppydog kind of way, but he tried WAY too hard to be a badass in this role. It was pathetic.

I also found some great new music over the past month. Florence + The Machine is a new favorite. I'm semi-obsessed with her voice right now. It's gorgeous. In fact, if you want to check out a good performance, look up the New Year's episode of SNL. Her performance is spectacular. The new Skrillex EP also came out which was (of course) amazing. The song "Bangarang" is a personal favorite. If you want to review 2011 more in-depth, check out my earlier blog entries!

So, good-bye holiday break! It's been fun, but... we really need to move on. I'm hoping for the best with 2012. There's some promising new releases coming out this year. We can only hope they'll shine brighter than those "idiotic" ones last year. 

More to come.



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I woke up this morning and decided (while still in bed) to watch this film called 'One Day.' I've been curious about it for a while and finally decided to check it out. I've always had a soft spot for romantic films. It's that one girly part of me I just can't shake. I guess it's the love story told over time that I find so intriguing.

Anyway, I finished it a few minutes ago and still have tears in my eyes. It was brilliant. Set in London, this little indie film stars two wholly talented actors, Anne Hathaway (Emma) and Jim Sturgess (Dexter). Told on the same day, July 15, over a period of twenty or so years, this love story is of the best kind- blossomed through friendship. The british accents alone make you want to fall in love.

I must warn you, Jim Sturgess plays a truly destestable character. He is selfish, arrogant, and a complete ass. (I know this story quite well myself...) Emma (Hathaway) is an aspiring writer trying to find her way through life. The only place she seems to find happiness time and time again is in her best friend, Dexter. He, on the other hand, focuses his attention on any woman he can get his hands on. Typical.

The script is witty and well-written. Hathaway's character is sharp and always on par. The characters grow and evolve as the years fly by in the story. It is shocking, exciting, and embodies what life is all about.

I recommend this film for you hopeless romantics out there. Grab a pint of Ben & Jerry's, maybe a few Kleenex's, and enjoy. I promise you won't be disappointed. Let me know what you think!

More to come...


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Hey guys,

So, I came across this article from Northeastern University Alumni Magazine earlier today. It all about the magic that happens behind the stage at a concert. More specifically, we're talking about Kevin Antunes. He's the guy hiding behind the scenes and making the magic happen.

The article focuses on one artist in particular who Antunes has worked with since the beginning in 1998. When sexy was gone, he was the one to bring it back- the one and only Justin Timberlake. 

Working with Timberlake, Antunes' job was anything but easy. He lists off some of his responsibilties in the article, "I write a lot of the arrangements, coordinate with the show's producers on a million things, make a lot of sound files and keyboard samples- plus, I play keyboards in the band." Whew! That's quite a job.

Though Antunes never had any musical training himself, he comes from a musical family. With relatives playing everything from the drums to the saxophone, I think we all knew where he was headed. With this notable background combined with a music education at Northeastern University, Antunes became what he is today- an entertainment expert.

After landing a job at Atlantic Records, Antunes was signed on to an up-and-coming boy band that features the superstar we've been talking about all along... What band am I referring to? If you haven't put two and two together by now, I might as well give it away. It was a little band called NSYNC. After that, it's history.

Copy the link below to access the exclusive article on Kevin Antunes. I'll keep you guys updated on his exciting endeavors and past success stories. Leave a comment if you want to discuss anything you've read here.

More to come!  


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 Let's back up to a week ago when I ranted about how horrifying the year 2011 was for the film industry. Well... I watched a few more from this glorious year and...? Well, I still agree, but not quite as harshly.

So, as promised, I watched Drive and it was really great. I mean, extremely well done. Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver who, on the side, uses his expert skills as a getaway driver for local heists. Bryan Cranston plays his boss and mentor in the world of stunt driving and does a damn good job. You can definitely tell he's taking a bit of Walter White (Breaking Bad) and putting him into this character. The beautiful Carey Mulligan also co-stars as the love interest of Gosling, though married to a prison inmate about to be released. 

Honestly, this film is shot so well. The cinematography is compelling and exciting throughout. The fight scenes and violence looks realistic and makes you cringe. This is a good thing, by the way. I'm not talking "it's so poorly executed and fake-looking you want to cringe." I'm talking "holy hell, did he really just get rammed in the eye with a fork then shot in the chest?! Ugh... *cringes* that's insane." Yeah, it's awesome.

In addition to all this excitement, the editing adds so much more. It is is sharp and cut so well. Each violent act is cut into a masterpiece of brutal imagery. One scene in particular, I won't give anything away, but Gosling does some extreme bodily damage and the editing is literally *perfect.* Cringe-worthy, for sure. This all makes me want to sharpen my editing skills and learn more. So much goes into one film, one scene, one moment.

Drive is know for it's unique soundtrack. It is chock full of crisp techno music that somehow works perfectly for this film. It adds character and creates this unique tone throughout. It's genius.

Anyway, check out Drive or at least watch the trailer and it will speak for itself. It's posted on my profile. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about the film. Loved it, hated it, whatever. I want to hear what you think.

In the mean time, I'll check out more from the 2011 library and begin making my way into 2012.

More to come...


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Back again to report on some exciting news in the entertainment world! Madonna has just been confirmed as the headliner for the Superbowl 2012 and who will be her Director...? You guessed it. Our one and only Kevin Antunes.

Madonna not only nabbed his talent, but also several of the performers from The Immortal Cirque show. It's already sounding better than last year's halftime show, The Black Eyed Peas. That was just... weird. I'm sure Antunes will finally show us what a halftime show is all about -> entertainment, excitement, and a nice break from all that boring football nonsense.

Antunes has also worked with Madonna on her most recent tour entitled 'Sticky and Sweet.' He produced the live audio mix for her concert series which has got amazing reviews. So, defiinitely check that out if you get a chance.

From one article, Antunes and Jamie King (Director for The Immortal show) are regarded as "two of the top concert-tour creative figures in the industry." To read on and learn more about the upcoming halftime show, click on the link below.

More to come.



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This elite blog focuses on iShowcase's very first entertainment expert who like what the company was all about, and agreed to come on board. Kevin Antunes. He deserves to have some light shed on his outstanding career and the projects he's currently working on.  Truthfully,Kevin Antues is on fire and at the top of his game.

First off, I want to discuss one his larger projects that's out right now, Michael Jackson's "The Immortal." Antunes produced this remix album of Michael's hits which is now being featured in a little show called "Cirque du Soliel. Ever heard of it? If you haven't seen the *spectacular* trailer for this show, then go to my videos and check it out. It will hook you, I swear.

This show features not only MJ's greatest hits remixed in a unique and surprising way, but also includes all those outrageous costumes from his music videos over the years. From just the previews, you can tell that not one detail was spared in the production of this show. Antunes, as musical director, really took this show to the next level. The soundtrack is a work of creative genius. I researched the show a bit more and found some really great blogs and reviews... 

One writer praised the show by describing the soundtrack as a "seamless medley of hits." Each song flows seamlessly into the next as if Michael had produced this himself. This writer also claimed it "captures the essence, soul, and inspiration of the King of Pop, celebrating a legacy that continues to transcend generations." Here's a link to this article if you want to read on...


In short, check out this show if you can afford it. If not, at least take a peek at the trailer and see what you're missing. Antunes harbors a creative mind unlike any other. His accomplishments have progressed throughout the years as he has worked with top artists in the industry. I'll discuss more exciting news on Antunes' past work and what's up next for him. More to come!




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 Hello fellow bloggers!

It's 2012, do you know what that means...? A bright new year in the entertainment world. 2011 was somewhat disappointing, at least in terms of film. I saw quite a few disappointments and none that made it to my top 10 favorites. Most recently, I watched (after raving reviews from my own brother) "Our Idiot Brother." This film was wildly disappointing. I wasn't impressed from the trailer, but I figured my brother has decent taste, so why not? Never again.

Paul Rudd plays the idiot brother as the film opens with him selling pot to a police officer. Brilliant. He then manages to screw up the lives of each of his sisters played by (my favorite!) Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks (who for some reason I can't stand) and finally, Emily Mortimer (who I have no opinion of yet). Sure, there's a transformation of character and the unconditional love he has for his labrador, Willie Nelson, is quite sweet. But, I didn't laugh once and this is supposed to be a comedy, right? The jokes just didn't hit hard enough and there was one too many hippies for my taste. If you think differently, then drop a comment and we can duke it out. Always up for a healthy debate.

There was another little film that came out in September, "50/50," written by Seth Rogen. I was SO excited for this to come out. I am partially in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and couldn't wait for this. Levitt plays a character who has just discovered he has back cancer. First off,  I liked that this type of cancer hasn't really been touched on yet. This was the one point in which they strayed from the cliche. However, I just couldn't get into the story. I thought it would be more interesting if they focused on him going through the five stages of acceptance like they did in the trailer. Maybe have on-screen text displaying each stage as he went through it. I don't know, something creative. Instead it just fell flat and was incredibly boring.

Don't get me wrong Levitt did an excellent job and Seth Rogen played a great goofy sidekick. I enjoyed them together, but I couldn't stand Anna Kendrick, who played his therapist, new on the job. Normally, I find her sweet and adorable, but she was just awkward and uncomfortable throughout the entire film. This was unfortunate because I was really looking forward to seeing her play this role. Anyway, 50/50 overall was a mediocre film that could have been greatly improved with a little creativity.

I realize these reviews sound harsh, but come on. Just a year before we had "The Social Network" and "The Fighter." Those films were both genius. I'm sure 2011 has some gems here and there, but honestly, it wasn't the best year in entertainment history.

I'll touch on some better films as I check out more from the 2011 docket. Up next... I'm gonna check out "Drive" which I have also been dying to watch and heard the soundtrack was intense. Hopefully, this won't be a disappointment like all the others. I'll let you know in the next entry!

More to come.


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Over the past month, my best friend Christine and I decided to become hipsters. That's right, hipsters. 

A hipster can be defined as any individual going against the mainstream, has an apt appreciation for indie music, and looks down on those who follow the crowd. I pretty much hate everything they stand for, BUT they wear some pretty interesting clothes. 

This is coming from the girl who used to loath anyone with an ironic t-shirt or those thick-framed glasses they wear despite 20/20 vision. And guess what? I now own a pair. I don't know whether to hate myself right now or be proud.

Though I haven't quite become a full-on hipster... where I look grungy and homeless. In order to NOT look homeless, I combine the vintage, thrifty pieces with the modern. I attempt to look put together. That's the difference.

How do I do it? First off, I go thrift shopping. Anywhere local- Goodwill is a good option. I've found some really great pieces like a braided belt for $0.95 and an old blazer for $5. What?!? Apparently the transformation to hipster-town can be done on the cheap.

This unique brand of people tend to look like they put zero effort into what they're wearing. Who do they think they're fooling? They wear the most try-hard outfits I've seen in my life. This doesn't stop me from becoming one of those try-hards myself though. I love the layers of knee-high socks over brightly colored tights... the long cardigans draped over vintage dresses with beat up Oxfords... the ragged plaid button downs with skinny jeans and army boots. *Sigh* I'm falling in love with this style...

Some typical hipster-esque stores to check out if you're interested... Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, American Apparel, Cotton-On, Free People, and any thrift shop you can find. 

As long as you don't "try too hard," combine the old with the new in a unique/outrageous way, and slap on a pair of thick-framed glasses, you're good to go. 

Good luck and send me pics of your outfits for inspiration!

More to come.


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Holiday break at UCF is four weeks of glorious time off. I've spent a majority of my time working, interning, and visiting family. In my free time, I do what any sane human being does- watch that glowing, mystical box we call a TV.

Over break, I've discovered some new shows that are surprisingly well written and fun to watch. I can be picky when it comes to comedy. My favorites right now are Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, and of course, The Office. I like well-written, dry humor. I think it hits way harder than physical comedy or raunchy humor.

There's a show that just started this season on Fox, called New Girl. It stars Zooey Deschanel as the 'new girl' moving in with three guys she met after breaking up with her boyfriend. Personally, I LOVE Zooey. She's in my all-time favorite film, 500 Days of Summer and I secretly harbor thoughts that i look like her. Psh. I wish. 

Anyway, this show is adorable. She plays this nerdy, outrageous character, Jess, who can't seem to find a decent guy. (I'll feel ya, Zo). Her roommates- Nick, Schmidt, and Winston are hysterical. They play alongside her well and each has a distinct personality. Schmidt- as the rich, handsome one who will physically harm you if you touch his hair conditioner. Nick- as the middle class slacker who lost the love of his life and harbors a secret crush on Jess. And finally, Winston- as the token black roommate who can't find a job to save his life and can play the bells like a champ.

What makes this show so great is it's charm and loveable characters. The acting is well done and the jokes hit (almost) every time. I definitely recommend checking this one out. If it's not your taste, then try this one on for size...

Happy Endings is an ABC comedy that I discovered by accident one night. Flipping through the channels, about to pass out, I landed on this little treasure. A cast of 6 friends, that is set up (now that I think about it) much like Friends. Their lives intertwine through friendship, family relation, and marriage. 

I'm telling you, this show is hilarious. Max, the gay slacker of the group reminds me of a young Will Ferrell. He has this mush-mouth voice that makes you giggle everytime. The series opens with Alex, played by Elisha Cutherbert, walking out on her husband-to-be, Dave, at their wedding when an ex-bf bursts into the ceremony on roller blades and ruins everything. How amazing is that?

What I love about this is show is that every episode opens right during the action. It doesn't hold you by the hand and walk you into the storyline. It slaps you in the face with whatever bizarre story they want to throw at you next. It's sharp, witty, and worth your time. Please go on hulu or and watch it from the start. 

So those are a few of my discoveries over break. I'll share more with you as I find 'em! Enjoy these in the mean time.

More to come.


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For those of you out there looking to intern and get some real world experience, DO IT.

I already have two internships under my belt and both have been great experiences thus far. I'm even considering traveling to New York over Summer 2012 and interning up there. More on that later.

First things first, research, research, research. Don't just blindly pick a company and apply. Find a place that suits your interests and what you ultimately want to pursue as a career. An internship can lead to a full time position and you don't want to waste your time on a company that you have no interest in. In an industry where 'who you know' is everything, your contacts are your most precious asset. 

This past summer, I spent three months working for a reality TV company, Pink Sneakers Productions. I learned A LOT about the industry through this experience. My first assignment? Starbucks run for the whole office. This may sound easy, but it's more complicated than you'd think. I had to do coffee and lunch runs every day which could be stressful, but I learned to handle it. If you want to succeed as an intern, you need to be able to work well under stress. I learned that better than anyone through Pink Sneakers.

You'll learn useful skills that will greatly benefit you. I created & sent out casting calls, logged tapes, transcribed interviews, learned some editing, and even got to be on set. There's a show coming out on MTV and I was a PA for their pilot. I made friends with the cast and crew and learned what I could from them. Another helpful tip: try to make friends with as many people as possible. The more contacts, the better.

I need to be honest here. Being an intern is anything but easy. For example, I would be yelled at one minute for labeling something incorrectly, then praised the next for doing something right. It can be an emotional roller coaster at times, but that's just the thing- don't take anything personally. You are there to learn and of course you'll make mistakes. It's only natural.

I now intern for Scott Messina of Messina Productions. Yes, the one running this very site. This blog is actually all part of the job, though I think of it more as a hobby than a task. In fact, this has gotten me into a blogging addiction that I'll deal with later in therapy. Kidding.

I've been interning for him for about a month and I've already learned a lot. I now know how to rip dvds, bound books, start a blog, and so much more. I've even tuned my networking skills after attending his Christmas party and exchanging words with a few of his business friends. Network, network, network. I can't stress how important this is! 

Ok, I think I'm done rambling. I hope I've been able to pass on some of what I've learned. I'll update you with more in the near future. Let's be honest, probably tomorrow. Like I said, addicted.


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Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!

I'll take this time to go over a few of my favorite (aka the best) Christmas movies out there...

Without a doubt, my #1 Christmas favorite has to be "It's a Wonderful Life." There's something about that old tale of a man's journey through life... stuck in a town he can never escape... giving up on his hopes and dreams... losing complete faith in life. Gets me every time. Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are the are a joy to watch in this 1940's Classic that makes one believe in the power of Christmas once again. It's not nearly as dark as it sounds. In fact, it's quite uplifting. I mean, if you don't shed a few tears at the end, then you're just heartless.

And who can resist Jimmy Stewart's mush-mouth voice? It's classic! 

Up next... who can forget that old favorite where we all harbor the same fear- "You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!" A Christmas Story is the one holiday favorite that I have NEVER seen from beginning to end. It plays every year on TBS during the special, '24 Hours of A Christmas Story.' Oh sure, I see the same scenes of the father opening that "fra-jee-lay' box and the poor sucker getting his tongue stuck on the flagpole, but I couldn't tell you what the actual story is all about. Is it a kid longing for a bebe gun, is it the dangers of the triple dog dare? I'll sure as hell never know. In a way, I like that I've never seen it straight through. More interesting that way.

And finally... (drum roll) A Charlie Brown Christmas! This may be a rampant cliche, but I watch it every year and will never grow tired of Charlie Brown's hopeless affairs. The soundtrack for this animated work of art is done by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. I keep it on my iPod all year and bust it out whenever I randomly feel in the Christmas spirit, which is ALL THE TIME. And who doesn't tear up during Linus' heartfelt speech about the true meaning of Christmas? You know, they even sell a replica of that disappointing tree that Charlie brings to the Christmas play? People pay for that. RIP Charles Schultz. You were a genius.

Anyway, it's comforting that even today with our tech savvy nation and ever-changing trends, that we still rely on the classics of generations past to renew our Christmas spirit. The radios still play the old favorites of Burl Ives and Bing Crosby. We cook up the same recipes of our great-grandmothers. It's the one time of year where our traditions mean everything and the modern world can be tucked away for just a bit.

So, take down my list of favorites and watch them! Yes, all of them! They are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit, even you Scrooges out there. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! 

More to come.


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Ok, check it.

Skrillex has a NEW EP that just dropped today. Did not even realize he was releasing. How excited am I right now (as it currently downloads "legally" on my macbook)?! Um... this excited --> G^&%@EOT&*P@*&(*#_{_I{WK) 

That says it all. 

Skrillex has become more and more of a "mainstream" dubstep artist. Well, as mainstream as you can get in this primarily underground genre. What is dubstep, you might ask? It's a form of electronic music, such as House or Trance, with a lot of heavy bass & drums, some vocals here and there, and clipped samples. All you need to know? It's awesome. Right now, you might here it in some of your favorite Top 40 (God awful) hits on the radio. It's slowly seeping its way into popularity and taking the world by storm! It originated in London and is becoming more and more popular in America. 

I started getting into it this past summer and frequented Riot Wednesdays at Knight Library where they have electro night. It's basically a night of heavy drinking, incredible music, and glowsticks/gloving shows. I posted a gloving video if you want to learn more. Personally, I would LOVE to learn how to glove. It takes a lot of skill developed over time by watching the pros and adapting their technique.

Back to the EP, it's called "Bangarang." I have no clue what that means. But, it flows together nicely and features some great talent including Sirah, 12th Planet, and Kill The Noise. Listening to it as I type and getting more and more pumped! Please go find it and take a listen. You won't be disappointed.

If you want to check out some other talented dubstep artists, you might want to look up Knife Party, Flux Pavilion, Rusko, DJ Fresh, etc.

Let me know if anyone's interested, I can post more related videos for your viewing entertainment ;)


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Back again for Entry Numba 2-

Veering off the path of film for a bit, but sticking with entertainment --> I just downloaded the new Black Keys album, "El Camino." They're a two-man indie band with a bluesy sound and rich lyrics. They just won THREE Grammy's for their album, Brothers, which is how I first discovered them. I heard their single, "Tighten Up" and fell in love with their unique sound. I'll post the music video for it, it's quite adorable. 

I bring them up because I caught their interview and performance on The Colbert Report this morning. The guys are a bit awkward and are clearly hipsters, but once you get them onstage, it's like magic. I reccommend you download some of their stuff immediately. 

For those of you who grew up in the 90's, I got to see the tail end of "Snow Day" this morning. You know, the Nickelodeon movie with that feisty little girl going toe-to-toe with the creepy snow plow guy? Classic. I promise to start commenting on more legitimate films once I get around to them. For now though, who can resist the children's classics of the 90's? No one.

If you want to me to touch on any specific topic, just leave me a comment or send me a message. 


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Welcome to my very first blog entry ever. I'm making history here....

So, I created this blog to focus on the industry that I have been fascinated and intrigued with since I was a child- the Entertainment Industry. I am a Film Major at the University of Central Florida, halfway through my junior year. I have endured the pretentious minds of worldly film students and bitter film professors practicing obselete ideals... but it's not all bad! I've had a lot of really great times working on students films, attending the screeners, interning, etc. 

And that's what this blog is all about! I'm going to bring you into my world and show you what the life of a film student is really like. I'll review the movies I've recently watched, let you into the secrets of film school, and the horror stories of being an intern. Basically, a guide for any of you trying to break into this industry and are just starting off. 

I'll begin with a review of a movie I saw last night and have been DYING to see- The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.

If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of it or seen the trailer, I posted it on my profile page. The teaser tells you absolutely *nothing* about the film and that's why I love it. It's a bunch of sharply cut images playing against the background of the "Immigrant Song" cover by Trent Reznor feat. Karon O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Btw I also posted this song on my page. I'm borderline obsessed with it at the moment. Anyway, it's a really great trailer, but if you want to learn more about the story, check out the other one on YouTube.

Back to the movie- The plot follows a recently scorned journalist, Mikael (played by Daniel Craig), who is asked to write the memoirs of the head a Swedish Steel Co., the Vangor Family. His real task? To solve the murder of Harriet Vangor dating back to the 1960's. With the help of Lisabeth (played by Rooney Mara), Mikael attempts to solve the mystery and digs into the horrific secrets of the Vangor family...

Why is this film so amazing? Besides the fact that it is directed by my all-time favorite director, David Fincher, it has beautiful cinemtography, an incredible soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and has a phenomenally talented cast. Rooney Mara underwent quite a transformation to become the tattooed, pierced, mohawk-sporting character, Lisabeth. She had to have her eyebrows bleached, for God's sake! The costume designer for this film was also incredible, Daniel wore nothing but blacks and grays throughout the film, a tremendous form of symbolism for a man entering the dark, disturrbing world of a sadistic family.

The ending was completely unpredictable. I left the theater feeling just as Fincher intended- shocked, disturbed, and a little uncomfortable. This movie is defintiely not one to bring your children to. It has some hard-to-watch scenes, including a pretty gruesome rape scene that I had to turn away from. But, don't worry, she gets her revenge in the end.

Overall, this is a must-see film. It chronicles the International Best-selling Trilogy meaning...? There's gonna be two more on the way. So don't fight it, go see this film! You may be a bit disturbed, but you won't be disappointed.

That's it for this entry. Hope you enjoyed it. More to come.


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