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 Ok, so I've been on this weird romantic movie kick. I've been wanting to watch Titanic for the first time (I know, I know. Refrain from screaming at me, please). So, I rented it and decided, like any sane person, to start watching this 3.5 hour epic at 1:30 in the morning. I predicted I would fall asleep within the first 30 min since i literally just got home from work and was exhausted. 

Within the first 10 minutes, I fell in love. I literally couldn't pull my eyes from the screen. I didn't even realize what time it was til the credits rolled. I won't try to write a review since it's been said and done, not to mention, there aren't words to describe how fantastic this film is. I will say this, Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are so perfect together, it makes me want to cry (and I did, several times). I wanted to wait for the 3D version, but decided I didn't want a migraine the first time I saw it.

Anyway, today, I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love which I saw in theaters last year and remembered liking it. Well, after the second time around, I LOVED it. Again, another brilliant romance story that is so unusual and convoluted. There's like four different love stories and are somehow all interconnected. It was great, really great. 

So, now, I lay here typing away with this whistful romantic feeling after sitting through hours of epic love stories... it feels good. I should watch romantic films more often. It's too bad every guy I know is the complete opposite of a shining knight in armor. Alast! More to come...


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Have you seen the #1 movie in America yet? No? Then just stop what you're doing and go. Now.

I don't usually pay the $10+ dollar fee for movie tickets unless it's a film I KNOW I'm going to enjoy. Last movie I saw in theaters was The Descendants and it was worth every penny. Clooney gave an incredible performance and I admit I cried, a lot. 

21 Jump Street looks disappointing based on the trailer. It reminded me of 30 Minutes or Less which I thought was gonna be decent, but it just fell flat. Very flat. So, naturally, I have lost some faith in modern comedies. My friends all encouraged me that it was hilarious and wouldn't disappoint. I didn't trust them at first. But I'm glad I did. 

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are a surprising couple, but they are a perfect match. I watched an interview with them prior to the screening and apparently they are now best friends in real life. How adorable. They were glowing with the blossoming of their new friendship. 

So, I saw it and I loved it. Simple as that. It was hilarious, had a fantastic cast, and had a billion quotable moments that I'll be obnxiously sharing with my friends for the next few weeks. Anyway, the point is, just spend a little money on this one. You won't be disappointed, I can guarantee it.

More to come...


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It's almost that time of year again... the Festival of Chocolate at the UCF Arena!!

It's the largest All-Chocolate festival in the Southeast and definitely worth your time and money. I haven't had the pleasure of going myself, but I plan to this year. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate? 

It's more than just an avenue to buy the best chocolates in the Confection Industry; it's also an interactive event. You get to sit in on demonstrations from top chocolatiers and world class pastry chefs! It's truly a unique and exciting experience that you can't get anywhere else. There's even a one-of-a-kind chocolate-themed museum and game stage.

If you want to find out more... check out their website @

More to come.


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The Academy Awards was last week! As a film student, I always get excited for this special event and look forward to the results (and Billy Crystal). He was a great host, much better than Ricky Gervais. I was getting sick of him.

Anyway, if you watched, then you know "The Artist" and "Hugo" pretty much won everything. Why? Did they deserve it? The answer is: NO. 

There were much better films over the past year that deserved Oscar wins. The Descendants was an incredible film that deserved more than just "Best Adapted Screenplay." It was up for Best Picture and frankly, it should have won.

I recently discovered why "The Artist" won the most prestigious award categories. The board for The Oscars is composed of 90% white males over the age of 60. NINETY PERCENT. This is outrageous. The Academy Awards are basically run by the guys who ran to their local nickelodeons back in the day to catch the new talkie film. "The Artist" won a majority of the awards because it is essentially a modern silent film. These old folks are brought back to their childhoods and reminiscing on the 'better times' of the 1920's. They need to get back to reality and realize that the modern age has brought about many game-changing elements (sound, for example).

I'm not saying The Artist wasn't a good film, but it definitely didn't deserve Best Picture. When you consider who's choosing these films, you can see why I was extremely disappointed. We need to reconsider who is chosen for the board of The Academy Awards and increase the diversity, especially among age. Maybe next year, the good films will get some recognition...

More to come.


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 It's Spielberg time once again! And this time, I'm taking you to the depths of "Poltergeist." Though this film is directed by Tobe Hooper, it bears the name Spielberg under a Producer, Writer, and Production credit, not to mention his influence can be seen everywhere. Here's a little something I wrote about it for my class...

When I heard we were adding Poltergeist to the roster, I was skeptical at first. Partly because it doesn’t bear Spielberg’s name under the Directing credit (though it does under every other credit) and partly because I really wanted to watch Tin Tin. However, after seeing Poltergeist, I can clearly see where Spielberg made his mark despite the heavy influence of Tobe Hooper. 


Poltergeist is essentially a horror film, but Spielberg added his lighthearted touch to include a family dynamic and heartwarming tone amongst the frightening elements. A majority of the movie was based on finding Carol Ann and bringing their family back together. You can see early influences of a loving family from the very beginning. For example, when Stephen lays in bed with his son and teaches him how to count the thunder to ease his fears. Normally, we see a deadbeat dad contributing minimal effort to their children, but in Poltergeist, we finally see a functional family (despite dysfunctional circumstances). 


The use of light is a prominent element in this film as well. Known as a common Spielberg-ism, light was used as an answer to all questions in Poltergeist. As always, light was used in correlation with the supernatural beings that haunted their home. In past films, light was used when coming into contact with aliens or extra-terrestrials. Clearly, Spielberg had a great influence in this film and left his mark to make it his own. 


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 Hello readers!

I started this entertainment blog last December and realized that though I've talked about movies, TV shows, and the industry itself, I haven't once mentioned a lucrative/significant part of this business- BOOKS!

Yes, some people find reading to be a form of entertainment. It's scary, I know. Personally, I'm not big into reading. I used to when I was younger, I read all the Twilight Books (I'm depressed to admit this), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series (which I still maintain was heartwarming), and many teen trash novels that I can't remember the titles of.

However, I have read books of some worth once I grew up a little. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorites. She writes (really long) novels about family issues, love, and crime. Each of her books contains some sort of trial and tragedy. Though I may not make it sound exciting, she is truly an exciting writer. Each story has some sort of epic twist that gives you goosebumps and grip the pages with anticpation. Out of her wide library of writings, I would recommend My Sister's Keeper which was made into a movie a few years back. I haven't seen it. Too depressing. But the book is just outstanding and made me fall in love with her.

My FAVORITE writer of all time is one by the name of David Sedaris. He has written about 10 or so books, mostly essays on the insane stories of his life. They are absolutely hysterical. I have cried from laughing while reading his books. He's gay and frequently rants about his annoying partner "Hugh" who complements him well in the stories. He has an alcoholic mother who is basically on a mission to ruin her children's live (so funny). I sometimes wonder if he embellishes his stories or if they're all true. 

Anyway, just go find one of his books and enjoy. I recommend "Dress Your Family in Courduroy and Denim." His best one, by far. 

So, go out there and read! Discover the world out there and learn something already.

More to come.


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In my Spielberg class this week, we watched one of my favorites- E.T. If you haven't seen it, you're dumb. Read my short analysis (it's an easy read, not boring. I promise). Get a little incite into this film and then go watch & enjoy! 

A fatherless young boy, a creepy alien lost from home, and government officials trying to ruin everything. Yep, it's a Spielberg film and it's one of my favorites. I enjoyed it as child because it told the story from the perspective of a child. In a way, the adults are the enemy, trying to infringe on a young boy’s odd relationship with an alien. It appears this is the first time Spielberg has made a film focused solely on a younger cast, yet he employs his signature tactics to make it his own.

Normally, he shows the troubled relationship between a father and son, arming the father with admirable qualities or at least an understanding of why he’s a “bad father.” For example, in Jaws, Chief Brody was ditching his family in order to save them. Makes sense. However, in E.T., the father is left out altogether with the mere explanation “He’s in Mexico with Sally.” (Who's Sally? She sounds like a bitch). You notice the effect on Elliott as he lashes out and tries to find friendship in an alien instead. In a way, E.T. could be considered the father figure Elliott never had. He teaches him how to feel, how to never give up, and most importantly, how to play hooky. Spielberg takes a simple story and turns it into a heartwarming film that has lasted (and will last) for generations. Out of all the films we have watched, this one is surely my favorite.

P.S. The title is a really funny quote from the movie.

More to come.


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For you club-goers, bar hoppers, and general partiers, I've discovered the best new thing in Orlando- Ignition. What is Ignition, you may ask and why do I care? It's an event held at Firestone in Downtown Orlando every Thursday. They have legit DJ's, most recently Diplo and another who opened for Skrillex on the Mothership Tour. 

Ignition is great because: it's only $10 to get in. They have Go-Go dancers. Fire breathers. Glovers. Separate rooms for Trance, House, & Dubstep. The upper floor has a huge bar where you can overlook the party downstairs. They have an incredible VIP section (it's a little extra, but worth it). 

Honestly, I haven't been out to a club in months and frankly, I've outgrown Riot. (The lesser equivalent at Knight Library, near UCF). Let me just say this- I will NEVER go to Riot again after Ignition. That's how incredible it was. It felt like a scene in a movie. I've never been to such an incredible venue that was both cheap & local.

Here's a link to their facebook page if you want to learn more. I'm friends with some of the promoters if you want to get on the list! See you guys next Thursday ;)

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 Did you guys enjoy the Superbowl last night?! I know I did!!

Both teams played a great game, but I think we all knew from the start the Giants would pull through. GO GIANTS!!! 

That play where the Giants player (can't remember his name) had to have both feet on the ground in order for it to count was insane. I was screaming at the TV- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! That touchdown that brought them the win was impeccable. Another truly great Giants game, for sure.

Let's talk about halftime. Kevin Antunes directed the show featuring Madonna, LMFAO, NIcki Minaj, MIA, and Cee Le Green. It was entertaining, to say the least. I really enjoyed all the performers, Madonna looks amazing for her age. You wouldn't ever guess she was 58 yrs old. Antunes did a phenomenal job and I thoroughly enjoyed it along with all my friends who were happy to FINALLY see a worthwhile halftime show.

The commercials were hilarious, as always. I loved the throwback commercial to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Also, the one with the dog moonwalking across the finish line. Mind you, I have no idea what these commercials were advertising... but they were funny.

Another great win! See you guys next year....

More to come.


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 Alright, we're in the first quarter. It's Giants- 8  Patriots- 0. I'm rooting for the Giants all the way so I'm excited! The commercials (whole reason why I watch) are pretty good. Can't wait to see more.

Make sure you guys look out for the halftime show, director by Kevin Antunes. The performance will be done by the one and only MADONNA. You guys do not want to miss this. Antunes recently produced MJ's "The Immortal" for the Cirque du Soleil show. He's going up in the entertainment industry and halftime at the Superboal is his latest. So watch it folks! And enjoy!



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Back again for you entertainment fans...

So, last night, I broke down and actually paid to go to the movies. Normally, I'd just download it (legally, illegally, whatever) or jack my friend's netflix account. However, I've been craving the theater experience and decided to drag a friend along for the ride.

I'm a huge Clooney fan. He reminds me of my father (for some odd reason) and he never disappoints. Ever. When I saw the trailer for The Descendants and heard it was up for Best Picture and Best Actor, I knew I had to see it.

Let me just say, this is one of those rare films that honestly moved me and had me reeling for hours after leaving the theater. Yes, I cried. I cried like ten different times. It's not a particularly "sad" movie that's meant to make you cry. I guess I just connected with the story on such a personal level. (My friend acted like she didn't know me by the time the credits rolled). I don't blame her.

The story follows Clooney as Matt Singer, a Hawaiian native, whos trying to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident. As she lays in a coma, Singer must deal with his reckless children whilst dealing a major decision regarding property handed down to him. Hence, the "descendants" part. Basically, the property belonged to his great, great, great... great, great-father/mother and is one of the last "virgin" properties in Hawaii. He could sell it and make millions, turning the beautiful landscape to strip malls and parking lots, or keep it and decide later when the trust fund is up.

Anyway, the big twist in the film comes when Clooney discovers his dying wife has been hiding a terrible secret from him. As he realizes the truth behind their relationship, he goes on a journey of self-discovery and recuperation. 

This film is beautiful. Set in Hawaii, the waters are a luscious blue, the sand soft and delicate, and the land carved with mountains and beachfronts. You will be booking your flight to Hawaii by the end of the film. 

They say it's Clooney's best performance. I couldn't agree more. Go watch it. Tell me what you think.

More to come.


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A story of boy meets girl; Tom Hansen, a hopeless romantic, falls desperately in love with Summer Finn, a girl who believes love is nothing more than fairytale. Through a nonlinear timeline, we follow Tom's memories of their 500-day relationship and discover why love is such a painfulmystery.


I saw this film the day it released (I waited months in anticipation). When it finally came to theaters, I fell hopelessly in the love with the characters and the story. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel as the dysfunctional couple trying to figure out "what they are." It was directed by Marc Webb and produced by Mason Novick, Jessica Tuchinsky, Mark Waters, Steven J. Wolfe, and Scott G. Hyman.


This film did exceedingly well on the festival circuit, receiving a standing ovation at Sundance Film Festival and was the opening film at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.


 As for the reviews, it received critical acclaimed, receiving an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes along with a "Certified Fresh" seal. Pretty impressive. Those snobby writers for Entertainment Weekly gave it a well-deserved "A" and many others talked about how fantastic this film is... not surprising. Here's a few links to some of the raving reviews.


If you want to check out the trailer...


In order to get this indie film out there, they had to market the film in a unique way. First off, Levitt and Zooey premiered on the debut episode for Microsoft Zune and promoted the film using playful references to the characters Sid and Nancy (watch the trailer to understand). In addition they did (206) Days of Social Marketing, utilizing new media to market their film. The director, Marc Webb, used his prior music video experience to create "The Bank Heist," a music video featuring the star cast.


Personally, I think they did an excellent job trying to reach their quirky target audience through these odd marketing approaches. However, I would have tried to shoot for higher goals in the social media world. When the film released, it had a little over 2,000 twitter followers. This is pocket change compared to the tens of thousands most popular films are sporting. In addition, they could have done more with the "500 Days" theme. Make a 500 day-span blog from pre- to post-production, covering all the exciting elements. Since the film includes a musical number, do a 500-person flash mob in the middle of Los Angeles (where the film is set). So many creative ideas could have been employed, but regardless, the film did extremely well. I applaud the Marc Webb for his outstanding work.


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 Did you know this famous tagline from "Jaws" was actually improvised by actor Roy Scheider? It's not often that an ad-libbed phrase becomes a film's tagline and worldwide reference that would be quoted in spoof movies for years to come...

Why am I talking about Jaws right now? I mean, it's a movie from the 70's, why would anyone care to watch such an outdated flick? Let's see, because it's a CLASSIC and (in my opinion) Spielberg's best film. ever. This I have to chalk up to one of my all-time favs. 

It's got your classic Spielberg-isms-> the dolly zoom, the father-son relationship, the epic storyline. I haven't seen it in years, but watched it tonight for my American Film Artist class. I was so stoked to see it again and it was better than the first time. 

If you haven't seen this film, please go rent it or at least torrent it. Honestly, the storyline alone with suck you in and not let go (much like Bruce- the nickname for the mechanical shark in Jaws. Named lovingly after Spielberg's lawyer). Yes, the shark is mechanical. No, they did not let hollywood actors near a REAL great white shark. That would be just ludacris (yet awesome). The shark was a difficult feat in itself to get built for a film that was thought to make no more than $2-3 million (boy, were they wrong!) After hunting down a special effects guy that recently retired and begging him for his help in this desperate time, they finally got their shark and a multi-million dollar classic.

Jaws will have you on the edge of your seat; it will grip you from beginning to end and have you running from open waters for weeks to come. Put down that romantic comedy and watch this film instead. Guarantee it has more interesting characters, deeper themes, and a personal connection to your life than anything you'll see in theaters today.

More to come.


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Hey guys!

So, Avicii came to the UCF Arena last night to play a show. For those of you who don't know Avicii, he's a Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ. Most of you probably know him from his popular song, "Levels." Lyrics- "Ooohhh, sometimes... I get a good feelings, yeah." You know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I had to work that night (naturally), but my friends who are too cheap to buy tickets snuck into the show. Just so you know, the UCF arena is SO easy to sneak into. I snuck into a Katy Perry concert last summer. What a night that was. 

Of course, I got text messages saying how amazing the concert was. One in particular stating "Just played Levels. I died a little inside." Well, I died a little just knowing what an epic show I missed. I really need to stop working. It's ruining my social life.

Also, a quick update on the internship hunt in New York. I sat down with my advisor and found a ton of great places. Didn't realize New York had such a prominent television production community. They have NBC, ABC Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, The History Channel (for the nerds). Such a range to pick from. I'm gonna make some phone calls monday and begin applying. I'll keep you guys updated on me progress!

I posted a video of Avicii's "Levels" in case you want to check it out. You should.

More to come.


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Okay. So. There's this epic electronic festival every year in MIami called ULTRA. When I say "epic," I mean this --> &*%&^$^F*PYH@*E^. That's how incredible this thing is. It has the world's greatest DJ's right at your fingertips. But, as always, I CAN'T GO. Why? Because it costs $300+ and I'm poor. They also have a VIP package for $600+ if you want the perks (my opinion? totally worth it).

As of yesterday, this event completely sold out. Over 100,000 tickets sold. Like I said, EPIC. 

Their music lineups are released in phases as you wait for the glorious weekend to approach. So far, they released Phase One and it's sickk. Some of the headlining artists include:

-Tiesto -Skrillex -Afrojack -Justice -Avicii -David Guetta -Armin Van Buuren -Kaskade -Knife Party -Bassnectar

This is just the first phase! Part II will be released shortly. Everyone I know is on pins and needles. I have a group of friends who are reserving a hotel for the weekend and staying for the whole event. (I hate them). Once the photos/videos start rolling in on their facebooks, it might be time to unfriend them. 

For those of you who want to look more into this, check out the link below. Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy a ticket unless you hit up ebay or find a scalper the day of the event. Either way, good luck to you! Also, I posted the teaser trailer on my profile. Check it out!

More to come!


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 Just a quick post before bed. I've been listening to the Tangled soundtrack on repeat for the past hour. It's so freaking amazing. If you haven't seen the movie yet, please please please go watch it. It's in my top 5 favorites. I promise you'll have a good time watching it. It's witty, light-hearteded, and so much fun.

Disney is constantly churning out classic after classic. I'm almost never disappointed. If you've been checking up on the upcoming releases, you'll notice that Disney has been re-releasing old favorites in 3D. Personally, I think this is a scam to put more money in their pockets, but that doesn't stop me from watching them. I'm a huge Disney fan and can't wait for Little Mermaid in 3D which is releasing sometime this Spring. Beauty and the Beast just came out as well and The Lion King was the first to come out last Fall. 

If Tangled comes out in 3D... you better believe I'll be camping out the night before. Anyway, just thought I'd drop this quick note before bed. Good night everyone! If you want to discuss Disney and all it's glory, drop a comment and we'll talk.

More to come.



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As I wade deeper into the world of social media, I've discovered quite a few sites that are sure to kill hours of your precious time. I've already touched one- the world's new addiction, Tumblr. This is essentially a blogging site for pretty pictures. (It's actually really cool. Look it up).

I learned about a new site recently called Pinterest. It's a site where you create different billboards on your profile and "pin" pictures to each of your boards. For example, I have one for recipes, one for inspiring design ideas, fashion, etc. Then you surf the site and find pictures, quotes, recipes, and just get lost in it. You can follow your friends, professionals, or random strangers you'll never meet. It's awesome. In order to sign up, I'm pretty sure you need to be invited. If you'd like an invite, just send me your email and I'll hook you up.

Another great one is StumbleUpon. On this site, you first check off all the subjects you're interested in (i.e. Art, Cooking, Sports, whatever) then you click "Stumble." It takes all your interests and displays websites that meets your desires. For example, a recipe for a cream-filled red velvet cake might show up. (Doesn't that sound delicious?) Or a youtube video of an artist spritzing paint onto a puddle of water to create a portrait. Honestly, you can learn SO MUCH through this site. You'll find websites you wouldn't have otherwise heard of. It opens your mind to new things. Definitely check this one out.

If you're into blogging, WordPress is one of the better sites out there. I just started a blog on there and it's a great program. The site is easy to navigate and there's hundreds of thousands of blogs you can follow. The opportunities are endless! You can also post pics right in the text area and show your followers what's going on in your world.

So get out there and discover there's more to life than just Facebook and Twitter. There's a whole world right behind your computer screen. You just gotta go out and find it. I've given you a few suggestions, follow them!

More to come.


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So, it's been a bit since I've posted. I worked ALL weekend and got zero sleep. Good times, good times. 

Today, I want to talk about Viral Videos and the evolution of film. Sound boring? It really is, but I'll make it fun!

Back in the day, it cost SO much to make a film and only those with huge sacks of money (aka the studios) could afford to do it. The cameras used were bulky and difficult to transport, not to mention they shot everything on film! It would take months and months to edit the footage by hand and were shown in theaters with no sound. How awful does that sound?!

Today, every one and their mother is carrying an HD camera right in the back pocket. Our cell phones have cameras that are reaching 16.0 megapixels now. Not to mentions most college students have access to programs like Final Cut and After Effects, so they can edit a video in no time. If you think about how it was back then compared to now, it is almost unsettling how much we've progressed.

Nowadays, we upload videos on sites like Youtube and Vimeo where people comment, discuss, and interact with each other. You can make a movie on a $0 budget with a cell phone and laptop. It's amazing how far we've come.

So, when you look back to a time when it tooks years to create a movie, appreciate that it only takes a few minutes to make yours.

More to come.


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For those of you who've heard of Tumblr, then you're already know. It's addictive. Insanely addictive. Tumblr is a blogging site where you can share pictures, videos, quotes, etc. You can put your life on there basically Mostly, though, it's used for pictures. People blog and re-blog pictures that are colorful, inspiring, funny. Pretty much any picture you can search on google, it's on Tumblr somewhere.

Why is Tumblr so addicting? I have NO idea, but that doesn't stop me from spending hours on end scrolling. I get ideas for recipes... creative ways to decorate my room... and fashion tips from the pros. Not to mention, you can learn what's happening in society and about current events in politics. If that's interesting to you. Blah.

This site is quickly rearing it's end and giving Facebook a run for its money. I'm not saying it will ever beat Facebook. I mean, come on. NO ONE will ever beat it. However, Tumblr has made the concept of blogging much more popular. People are familiarizing themselves with this new form of social media. Pretty soon, there's sure to be a blogging feature on Facebook. In fact, I can't believe there isn't one on there yet!

So, for those of you who aren't part of the crowd, join in! It will destroy your social life, but hey, who needs that?!

More to come.



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 SOPA is RUINING our lives. It is taking away our civil rights and the one thing we all love and adore- the internet. Who in their right mind is going to pay to search things on Wikipedia? Or blog about the latest movie on WordPress? The reason we all flock to the internet is socialize with friends, shop at our favorite stores, and gather information because it's FREE. It does not discriminate against the rich or poor.

Our government is trying to find any way to pay off the country's debt. I think I speak for my generation when I say that this is ludacris. We need to stand up and fight for our rights. If you want to stop SOPA and censorship of the internet then click the link below and sign now!

Let's stop this madness once and for all. More to come.


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 Let's explore the world of electronic music a bit, shall we?

There are a myriad of subgenres, but I want to focus on House, Trance, and Dubstep. Ok, let's go.

House Music --> This style of music is more for dance parties, clubs, raves, etc.. It is fun and usually upbeat. A good style to explore if you're just getting into electronic music. Swedish House Mafia is one of my favorites. They're song "One" is how I initally fell in love with them. They do a lot of remixes with Knife Party who are more of a House/Dubstep duo. Together Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party create magic. I'm listening to one of their remixes of "Save the World." PLEASE listen to this song. It will literally change your life. Also check out Avicii and Calvin Harris. Both amazing.

Dubstep --> This style is definitely more intense and... LOUD. They're incorporating dubstep more into music you'll hear on the Top 40 list. Can't think of a specific one (not really my genre) but you know it when you hear it. It's heavy bass, metal sound clips, some vocals here and there....and a wee bit of magic. One of the most popular artists is Skrillex. You should check out his remix of "Cinema" by Benny Benassi. It's brilliant. A few others to check out include Flux Pavilion, Rusko, and 12th Planet.

Trance --> If you're more in a chill mood and want to relax, this style is for you. It's characterized by repitive tempos and rising/falling beats with melodic vocals. A few of my personal favorites include Armin Van Buuren, ATB, and DeadMau5. A few good songs to check out? My Saving Grace by ATB, Ghosts N' Stuff by Deadmau5, and Not Giving Up On Love by Armin.

Now, go off and discover a whole new genre tha will brighten up your life. I guarantee it.

More to come.


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 In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, my friends and I decided to celebrate the African American race. We keyed into a few of the cliches surrounding this topic and made a night of it!

On the menu for dinner- fried chicken, cornbread, and kool-aid with watermelon slices for dessert. Along with this delicious dinner we decided to watch "The Help." I've been wanting to see this for a while and finally I got the chance!

I really enjoyed it! Emma Stone was a treat to watch as Skeeter, an aspiring journalist who captures the lives of the housekeeping ladies in her hometown. Set in Jackson, Mississippi, this tale reveals the cruel and racist treatment of "the help" of the rich, white families. At times, heartwrenching and others, light-hearted, this is surely a film to watch. It will open your mind to a time where black and white people were not treated equally; where they were forced to use different bathrooms, treated like dogs, and paid next to nothing.

The cast for this film could not have better chosen. Octavia Spencer as "Minny" is absolutely hysterical and plays well alongside Viola Davis as "Aibileen." Emma Stone's "Skeeter"  as a career-driven women determined to make her journalist dreams a reality is inspiring and driven. 

Overall, a great film. Informative, entertaining, revealing. The Help should be pushed to the top of your queue. Go get it tonight. Watch it with your family and be thankful that times have changed thanks to one man who had a dream.

Happy MLK Jr. Day. More to come.


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Ahoy mateys! (I said it).

I'm here to tell you guys about a little thing called "Holy Ship." No, it's not some weird religious cult where they hoist you to the plank and force you to read bible passages. You thought that too, huh?

NO! It's an electronic festival sailing across the seas. First stop? The Bahamas. Next up? A private island... where some forceful bible reading may occur. (Kidding)

Anyway, I'm telling you about this mainly as a tease because it ended last week. I want you guys to feel my pain since I didn't find out either til now. I can't express my anger in words, but it went something like this... q9p r93pqyPOAY*Xp9wyr2l. 

The lineup this years included the following:



-Steve Aoki


-Boys Noize

-and many more...

It ran from Jan. 6-9 and sounds like a magical event. I'm sure it was for half the crew who were probably on drugs... but for those sober few, it must've been incredible. The only issue is it's hella expensive. Like $700+ for four days. Personally, I think it's worth it. How often do you get latched onto a cruise ship with your favorite artists for four days... then get to go to a private island and chill with them? Almost never. SO worth the cash if you ask me.

If you want to hit up Holy Ship next year, check out their site. It's pretty sick.

More to come, my friends.


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Hello world.

It's been a few days since I've posted. I worked 16+ hours over the weekend and already have a boatload of homework to top it off. Oh college!

Anyway, I just spent THREE HOURS watching video essays on the life and creative works of Steven Spielberg for my class. I didn't realize he directed quite so many popular films- Jurassic Park, E.T., Schindler's List, and Indiana Jones among others. I've also been learning about the recurring motifs within his films over the past four decades. 

One of the consistent themes is the importance a father figure can have on one's life. Whether present or absent, a father figure can affect the course of your entire life. We all know about "daddy issues" or rebelling against strict fathers. It's amazing how one man can have such power over their child's life.

We saw it in 'Jaws' when Chief Brody went after the shark to protect his son and family. In 'Close Encounters of a Third Kind' when the father abandoned his family in order to pursue his obsession with alien life. In an interview with Spielberg, he stated that he would change the father in 'Close Encounters' to sticking with his family instead of leaving them. This was after Spielberg experienced the role of fatherhood himself.

It's funny how as you make your way through life and look back, you realize how taking on certain roles can alter your decisions. I don't think 'Close Encounters' would have been the same if he stayed with his family wilst pursuing the obsession. Though it may be selfish and unruly, there's a reason why he had to leave them... you'll have to watch it to find out.

More to come.



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 It's that time of year once again... the season of red roses, heart-shaped candies, and those unnecessarily large teddy bears. Once we get closer to the holiday, I'll be sure to check out some sappy romance films and cheesy love songs to blog about. Ok, let's be honest, I LOVE romance films. I defend them like no other genre. I'm not a total Valentine hater, I promise.

Anyway, as part of my weekly intern assignment list, I have some love songs to throw your way. There's a singer/songwriting named Tierney Allen who has written a plethora of love songs and has a lot of experience as a performer, particularly in romantic settings such as weddings. As the Valentine's season approaches, I would definitley reccommend taking a listen to some of her music. It is sweet, romantic, and gets you in the mood for the romantic weeks ahead! Also a great suggestion for wedding music if you're planning this special event. I can suggest a few songs if you're interested.

I posted the links below to her music on iTunes. If you want to check out more music, drop a comment and I'll post some more suggestions! Let me know what you guys think.

More to come.


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