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Advancement in technology has brought several effective systems and solutions for the promotion of brands and businesses and audio video tech developments are one of them. Take an example of video wall which is booming the businesses, around the globe. A video wall is nothing but an array of display units which are overlapped or tiled together to form a large screen. They are used to communicate instantly updating information such as arrival and departure time at railway stations and airports. Video wall is also employed in cafes and eateries to advertise and inform customers, waiting for their turn. Along with this, you can also employ video wall solution at your workplace to provide data or marketing information to your clients.

No doubt, video wall is a productive tool for advertising but it is a significant investment, therefore, it is imperative to follow some practices to make sure that they are a successful part of your operations. Here a few tips to boost up your sales with video walls:

1. Determine your needs:

Before making any purchase, it is important to define your needs and determine the purpose of installing video walls at your place. This will prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket without any goals.

2. Consider the number of images:

It is also crucial to determine how many images you will be displaying at once. Along with this, also find out the type and sources of video images used, such as cable/satellite, DVD, Blu-ray, digital video files etc.

3. Use native quality for the picture:

Screen's native resolutions will provide you the best picture quality and for this keep 720 p or 1080 p resolutions for TV and 1366*768 pixels or 1920*1080 pixels for monitors.

4. Employ professional grade products:

When you making such a big investment then you must use professional grade equipment for your video wall. The video walls you are purchasing must be able to endure constant public exposure and should be efficient enough to operate around-the-clock. Also, your display unit should be calibrated with proper brightness, color and contrast, this help in attaining maximum picture quality along with uniform screens.

5. Choose a right mounting system:

While installing video wall, choose a structurally sound wall. Also think about repair and maintenance, which could be required with time, before mounting it.

6. Consider cooling:

You video wall must be integrated with the proper cooling system because large video walls dissipate a large amount of heat.

7. Find the proper electrical requirements for video wall:

It is vital to figure out the power requirements for each display and also think about factors such as power conditions and surge protection. This will help to prevent the power issues if someone activates the power-using device such as microwave oven, in your area.

And last but not the least, consult professionals while designing and installation of a video wall. Reputed video wall manufacturers such as iSEMC are dedicated to providing you high-quality video and audio products. They emphasize on supplying superior digital signage products and cater for the demands of both high-end control and commercial markets as. They boast a team of proficient and skilled developers who are capable of realizing every type of A/V solution need. Their teams firstly analyze the needs of their clients and requirement for their business which enables them to deploy high-grade video wall controllers. They strive hard to provide you results beyond your expectations.

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