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Category: Freedom

So I know most of the time I throw up bloggings or articles dealing with sports, it is my passion after all. But I'm still in college and the grind still continues! This is all about that one week a year that every college student looks forward too, that one week a year we crave: Spring Break!

Whether its Panama City, Miami, Las Vegas, Cozumel or even Bermuda, every college student has there share of Spring Break stories. This year, I think I'll be returning to the site of my 21st birthday of only a month ago: Vegas! That weekend was absolutely insane, we even had a few hangover moments and the city just has so much to offer from the casino's to the shows to the nightlife to the girls. Can't wait to get back, craving it.

But getting back on track, Spring Break is about more than just having a good time. Its about the adventure, the forming of camaraderie with the people you feel closest too, the thrills, the ups, the downs and the everywhere in between. Spring break is about getting every last bit of our youth before we join the "real" world.

So here's to fun times and good memories!

Afterall, you are the writer of your own story, what happens in it is up to you.

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