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Category: NBA All-Star Game

Its finally here, the game all of Orlando has been anticipating for years: the NBA All-Star game. From Kobe to LeBron to Howard all eyes of the NBA world from New York to Los Angeles to China will be on Orlando. This is a chance to showcase the city, to create a memory to excite a fanbase with an exhibition like no other, this is the NBA All-Star Game.

What am I looking forward in the game? You mean other than the greatest players in basketball competing in a high-scoring intense game? Probably most just to sit back and watch elite players who hardly ever team up, to initiate offense. We've begun to see this with the Miami Heat's big 3, from the alley-op passes to the full court bombs, I want to see the type of chemistry and flow you can only see from the best players in the game. From McGrady's backboard slam to Bird going up against Magic straight up to Jordan and Isiah tearing down the West, this event only comes once a year. Where dream teams are made and the greats compete for bragging rights.

It'll be good to witness Dwight Howard around players on his level of talent. Nothing against watching a Magic game, just hard when the second best player is Ryan Anderson to truly appreciate Howard's greatness. Now he'll be surrounded by players on his caliber on a stage where he can truly showcase his talents. It'll be a joy to watch.

Sorry to keep this post so short I'm just super amped for this game since I managed to mangle some tickets! So I'll but up more during the game but til then enjoy the presence of greatness in the fair city of Orlando

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