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Category: NCAA Tournament

It's finally here, the greatest month of the year, March Madness! Where on 90 feet of hardwood we can watch the greatest of miracles occur. Where a team from the Horizon League can make a run and come within a last second shot of winning the National Championship. Its the greatest month of the year and its finally here.

This year's field is packed with 11 Mid-Major's getting at-large bids including a 34-1 Murray State. The top dog however is a Kentucky Wildcats team lead by soon to be top overall pick in the NBA draft Anthony Davis and NBA lottery pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Also in the field is a hungry Michigan State team which after getting a preseason snub of not even being ranked now has a number 1 seed and a clear shot at the crown.

But really, what makes the NCAA Tournament so intriguing, so incredible, is the upsets. Watching and rooting for that Cinderella team make a deep run into the tournament can even turn the casual fan into a believer. Whether it be a team of over-achievers like George Mason University back in 2004 or a team lead by a superstar like Stephen Curry and Davidson, every year one team just finds the magic to somehow do the impossible and shock the world. Whether its Harvard, Belmont, Murray State or VCU, I can't wait til the Tournament begins tomorrow!