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Category: NCAA Tournament

It's finally here, the greatest month of the year, March Madness! Where on 90 feet of hardwood we can watch the greatest of miracles occur. Where a team from the Horizon League can make a run and come within a last second shot of winning the National Championship. Its the greatest month of the year and its finally here.

This year's field is packed with 11 Mid-Major's getting at-large bids including a 34-1 Murray State. The top dog however is a Kentucky Wildcats team lead by soon to be top overall pick in the NBA draft Anthony Davis and NBA lottery pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Also in the field is a hungry Michigan State team which after getting a preseason snub of not even being ranked now has a number 1 seed and a clear shot at the crown.

But really, what makes the NCAA Tournament so intriguing, so incredible, is the upsets. Watching and rooting for that Cinderella team make a deep run into the tournament can even turn the casual fan into a believer. Whether it be a team of over-achievers like George Mason University back in 2004 or a team lead by a superstar like Stephen Curry and Davidson, every year one team just finds the magic to somehow do the impossible and shock the world. Whether its Harvard, Belmont, Murray State or VCU, I can't wait til the Tournament begins tomorrow!

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Category: Freedom

So I know most of the time I throw up bloggings or articles dealing with sports, it is my passion after all. But I'm still in college and the grind still continues! This is all about that one week a year that every college student looks forward too, that one week a year we crave: Spring Break!

Whether its Panama City, Miami, Las Vegas, Cozumel or even Bermuda, every college student has there share of Spring Break stories. This year, I think I'll be returning to the site of my 21st birthday of only a month ago: Vegas! That weekend was absolutely insane, we even had a few hangover moments and the city just has so much to offer from the casino's to the shows to the nightlife to the girls. Can't wait to get back, craving it.

But getting back on track, Spring Break is about more than just having a good time. Its about the adventure, the forming of camaraderie with the people you feel closest too, the thrills, the ups, the downs and the everywhere in between. Spring break is about getting every last bit of our youth before we join the "real" world.

So here's to fun times and good memories!

Afterall, you are the writer of your own story, what happens in it is up to you.

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Category: NBA All-Star Game

Its finally here, the game all of Orlando has been anticipating for years: the NBA All-Star game. From Kobe to LeBron to Howard all eyes of the NBA world from New York to Los Angeles to China will be on Orlando. This is a chance to showcase the city, to create a memory to excite a fanbase with an exhibition like no other, this is the NBA All-Star Game.

What am I looking forward in the game? You mean other than the greatest players in basketball competing in a high-scoring intense game? Probably most just to sit back and watch elite players who hardly ever team up, to initiate offense. We've begun to see this with the Miami Heat's big 3, from the alley-op passes to the full court bombs, I want to see the type of chemistry and flow you can only see from the best players in the game. From McGrady's backboard slam to Bird going up against Magic straight up to Jordan and Isiah tearing down the West, this event only comes once a year. Where dream teams are made and the greats compete for bragging rights.

It'll be good to witness Dwight Howard around players on his level of talent. Nothing against watching a Magic game, just hard when the second best player is Ryan Anderson to truly appreciate Howard's greatness. Now he'll be surrounded by players on his caliber on a stage where he can truly showcase his talents. It'll be a joy to watch.

Sorry to keep this post so short I'm just super amped for this game since I managed to mangle some tickets! So I'll but up more during the game but til then enjoy the presence of greatness in the fair city of Orlando

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Category: Basketball

A lots happened in a week hasn't it? Expecially in the case of one Jeremy Lin. Or should I say the second coming of Tim Tebow? Harvard educated, cut by both the Warriors and Rockets, he was stuck wallowing int the D-League for the New York Knicks. All he wanted was a chance, a real chance where he'd get enough play time to show what he could do. And it finally came. The Knicks were hurting for a point guard and desperate enough to play a guy who hadn't seen even 5 minutes in the League. A week later, after flying by Deron Williams and posting up Kobe Bryant, the guy's got his own Fathead.

Sometimes, hard work, perseverance, and a little luck pay off. Welcome to the NBA Mr. Lin

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Category: NFL

That was... Breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. I can't even describe it. Two teams, two great quarterbacks just leaving it all on the field, going back and forth. You never want to end because both teams deserve to win. Saddly it had to come to end but not before we witnessed one of the greatest games of all time. Eli Manning was at the top of his game. Five months ago he was asked if he considered himself to be an elite quarterback, if he considered himself to be in the same class as his both his brother Peyton and Tom Brady. He answered yes and everyone ridiculed him. But tonight, tonight he would not be denied. Tonight he would prove that not only is he in the same class as them but he may have a case for being better than them. He was simply brilliant completing 30 of 40 passes for 296 yards including bullet passes to Hakeem Nicks and a gorgeous rainbow pass on the final drive to Mario Manningham on the final drive for the winning score. On this night he would not be denied and now with 2 rings and him in the prime of his career the question moves from whether or not Eli is elite, to whether we may be witnessing the evolution of the greatest quarterback of all time. I know I'll be watching.

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Down to the wire both quaterbacks on the top of their game. Both defenses are playing with a fire to win with few mistakes. Its getting tense, here we go!!

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Category: NFL

What a drag em out dogfight of a game. Brady gets sacked Giants go up 2-0, followed by Eli driving the Giants down for touchdown for a 9-0 lead. But then Brady drives the Patriots down for a 29-yard field goal and then a touchdown to Danny Woodhead just before the half. Its a heavyweight battle going back and forth, can't wait for the 2nd half!!

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Its finally here, the event of the year!! Patriots-Giants, the sequel to one of the most intense Superbowl's of all-time. The drive by Tom Brady, the escape by Eli Manning, the catch by David Tyree. All those sweet memories are rushing back. This will be a great game, as said by Bart Scott: Can't wait!!

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Category: Adventure

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Or so they say. But if you've ever seen those commercials you've probably thought, like me, that this is just a clever tag line to envoke emotions of grandeur. But its not, its more than that. And you realize this once you have the Vegas experience. For my 21st birthday this past weekend, I had that experience.

We arrived Friday night grabbed a limo and headed out to Caesar's palace. It was like stepping into the Taj Mahal, with everything being cut of beatuiful marble as though the tapestry's themselves had been chizzled by those legendary greek gods.

And though I cannot divulge very much else (including a hangover like cameo by a celebrity in our adventure) I can say this: if ever given the opportunity to visit this playground, take it. Because there's not a place on Earth like it. Just remember: no camera's, no phone's, no internet. Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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Category: Poor Joe Flacco

I feel bad for Joe Flacco. He played his heart out yesterday.

If you'd asked anyone coming into the game which quarterback would have a better game between Tom Brady and Joe Flacco, 99 percent them would've picked Brady. And who could blame them for picking the 7-time Probowl, 2-time MVP, and 3-time Superbowl champion. But on this day, it was Joe Cool who was the better quarterback. On a day when Ray Rice could only muster 78 yards of total offense it was Flacco who led the Ravens offense with 306 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. He was masterful, weaving in and out of the pocket finding 7 different receivers and guiding the Ravens to a chance to win the game. However, it wasn't meant to be. Flacco played the game of his life but on 2nd and 1 with 23 seconds left he threw a perfect pass to Lee Evans only to have Evans relax and have it knocked away by Sterling Moore. Then on 4th and 1, Billy Cundiff badly missed a chip shot field goal from 32-yards out that would've sent the game to overtime. The Patriots won and the Ravens were left with nothing but a lost opportunity. But in the end, we also saw the rise of a quarterback who, while down now, has sent a message to the NFL that he is among the elite.