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The  Rayon Fabric  covers are made of an extra strength ripstop fabric that repels water, protects against bird droppings, dirt, dust & scratches, provides UV block protection from sun damage, as well as being the best winter snow storage cover that will not tear or rip in the blustery winter winds or the increased water weight of melting snow.

Small tears will not turn into large rips when exposed to the elements with the ripstop fabric on the PermaPRO line of RV covers and the fabric will be able to support the weight of melting snow and ice.

Non-woven fabrics are simply bonded together through various chemical processes, and these fabrics are not very strong.

They are normally not used in fashion design. An example of a non-woven fabric is felt.

Since all fabrics are different, some are naturally easier to work with than others.

The plain weave fabrics, which are made from cotton or light-weight wools are perfect for those just learning to sew; while satin and other sheer fabrics are more difficult to work with, and are for the more advanced sewers.

There is a lot to learn about fabrics, and it takes a while to become familiar with them all, and to know which fabrics are suitable for which types of Crepe Fabric projects.



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