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The  Rayon Fabric  do not usually run, and woolen carpets can be cleaned thoroughly thanks to the fact that wool can withstand a lot of pressure from steam cleaners and from the vacuum that is used to remove the excess cleaning solution, the grime and the dirt from your carpets.

However, when you wash a wool carpet, it will smell pretty much like the sheep the wool has come from.

 This is why you have to make extra sure that the carpet is completely dry before putting it back in its place in your residence.

Once the wool is dry, of course, the smell goes as well.

Nylon carpets tend to keep a lot better than wool.

Due to their elastic nature and fabric design, it is both an easy carpet to maintain, and a durable one, that will retain its shape and form even if it is placed in your house, in areas where people walk around all the time.

 Nothing stays forever, of course, but the nylon carpets of today make a pretty good job of lasting the distance.

The problems with nylon are caused not from the durability of the fabric, but from the durability of the Crepe Fabric dyes.




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