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Big Money
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Orlando, FL
United States
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Chris Big Money's name is a testament to his belief about dreams being accomplished regardless of money or life obstacles, and having artistic freedom. He supports the ambitious and upcoming.

Chris Big Money is the solo project of a young man residing in Orlando, FL which originally started out as a hobby to pass time after work. Originally using DAW software to produce instrumental tracks, the project has advanced to live electronics, remixing, sampling, and songwriting.

He has downloadable music releases on Bandcamp.

I have independently released three albums online, all for free for personal reasons. I am looking for physical and online distribution for my 4th album, which will be the first one I attempt to sell.

I am a true D.I.Y. artist, doing everything from music production, vocal performance, live and electronic instrumentation, visual arts, graphics, video, costuming, blogging, and self promotion. I am looking to make connections and build relationships while staying true to my ideals that made me want to be in the entertainment industry in the first place. I am heavily interested in cult products, retro futurism, and nostalgia. You can say I like the 80s. :)
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University of Central Florida
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Chris Big Money