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What is empty, static, dynamic - Modular Clean Room test status description (IQ, OQ, PQ)

Clean Room - IQ, OQ, PQ
the term:

In the clean room design specifications GB50073-2001 in the clean room to the three states to do the following definition:

Empty state as-built

The facility has been built and all power is switched on and running, but no production equipment, materials and personnel.

Static at-rest

Facilities have been built, production equipment has been installed, according to the owner and the craft agreed to run the state, but no production staff.

Dynamic operational

The facility has a defined state of operation, with the presence of the prescribed personnel and working in an agreed state.

The cleanroom testing phase is defined in ISO 14644 as follows:

Detection of empty clean room - Installation qualificafion (IQ)
Static clean room testing --Operational qualificafion (OQ)
Dynamic clean room testing -
Ceiling Panel Performance qualificafion (PQ)

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