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The design parameters used in this project are based on the "Clean Room construction and acceptance of norms" JGJ71-90 and the "military hospital clean operation building technical specifications" YFB001-1995 and the requirements of the hospital, with reference to technical measures and hospital surgical design experience Comprehensive consideration to determine. According to the type and quantity of hospital operation, the total area of ​​the surgery department and the floor position of the operation department were determined, and the layout of the operation room was determined. The interior design parameter YFB001-1995 of each room is shown in Table 1.

Due to the special requirement of the air treatment technology of the medical air-conditioning system, the initial investment is generally high. Under the premise of conforming to the standard, the hospital often puts forward higher requirements and the economy of the system is more and more concerned. Therefore, in determining the indoor parameters, we must consider the hospital water, electricity, steam and civil construction of the current situation, the hospital's environment, capital and needs,Mgo Panel have focused.

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