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Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys The Seattle Seahawks will look very different from before in the 2018 season. According to people familiar with the matter, Caleb Sturgis Jersey Seahawks will defensive end striker Michael Bennett and the seventh-round pick traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in return for the Hawks' fifth-round draft pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson. Marcus Johnson). If the Hawks were surprised by Bennett's new owner, Carson Wentz Jersey then the deal is not the case. For weeks there have been rumors that Bennett may be traded.

Brian Dawkins Jersey With three years left in the contract, Bennett's departure will allow Seahawks to save about $5.2 million in salary space. At the same time, however, Chance Warmack Jersey the Hawks exceeded the salary limit by about $10 million, which means that some members who helped the Hawks win the title last season will have to leave the team. Defensive ends Vinny Curry and receiver Torrey Smith may leave, and veteran forward Brent Celek may be another away player. Do not doubt that Bennett will still be able to display his outstanding ability. During his career, Bennett was one of the most underrated players in the league. Chance Warmack JerseyHe is one of the 12 players who have scored at least 5 kills in only one of the last 6 seasons.

Brian Westbrook Jersey In the past five seasons, only J.J. Watt and Carlos Dunlap have made more quarterback impacts than Bennett. Chase Daniel Jersey Bennett is a key member of the Haiying championship. As for the Hawks, the deal reminds us that they will not lie on the trophy book of last season. Bennett will continue to reinforce the frontline seven-man defense that already has Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett. Chris Long Jersey As one of the most active teams in the league, the Hawks have begun to build their lineup to prepare for the next season in the playoffs.

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