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Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys The Wizards lost to the 76ers 102-115, and the five-game winning streak was ended. After the game, the Wizards players and coach accepted an interview with reporters. In the 52nd "Super Bowl" that ended on February 5th, Rasul Douglas Jersey the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots and won the team's first "Super Bowl" trophy. "That (the Philadelphia Eagles win the championship) should have influenced them. They are full of energy today," said Markieff-Morris. Randall Cunningham Jersey "We lost a lot of shots at the start and the impact of the first quarter's lagging behind was very bad." Big."

Ronald Darby Jersey After lagging behind 20-37 to finish the first quarter, Wizards Bradley Beal performed well in the next two games, and in the end of the third quarter he expanded to 82-89. However, in the subsequent quarter, Joel Embiid stood up in time to help the 76ers win this victory. Patrick Robinson Jersey "Every time we shrink the difference to 7 or 8 points, we will miss an open three point and they will seize the opportunity to expand the lead," said Wizards coach Scott Brooks. Nolan Carroll Jersey "I have to give the players of the 76ers a lot of praise. They are very hard on the court, actively diverting the ball and attacking violently in the first quarter."

Nigel Bradham Jersey “Tonight is a difficult loss for us,” Bill said in an interview. “The first quarter made us very hurt. We were so far behind our opponents.Nick Foles Jersey But we were fighting hard all day and trying to recover. Score.” Bill played 41 minutes in this game, 12 of 22 shots, 30 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Morris scored 11 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals in 24 minutes Nelson Agholor Jersey.